How to draw Mickey Mouse?

How to draw Mickey Mouse?

The only animalger who has a star on the Hollywood "Alley of Glory", the most expensive animation character according to Forbes magazine and just Million's favorites - Of course, this is Mickey Mouse! Are you delighted with a slight mouse? Then it is more like to look like it!

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Interestingly, at first Disney planned to call his

Hero Mortimer. However, the animator's wife insisted that such a complex name is not at all

Suitable for a cute childish character. So in 1928 Mickey appeared -

A cute mouse that the world adores now.


Draw Mickey Mouse with a simple pencil?

Optimism and cheerful temper of almost a century hold Mickey on the highest

Stages of ratings. And his kindness, modesty and sensual heart make

A mouse with a good friend for everyone who is familiar with him. Let's try to draw Mickey

Mouse? It is very easy.

1. At the top of the sheet, draw a circle. This is the outlines of the head


2. Now you need to post your head with two perpendicular

lines. Vertical will denote the symmetry of the face, and the horizontal line

eye. Pay attention, the horizontal line is located just below the conditional

Dorisui ears face. It turned out a familiar eared silhouette!

3. And now draw a torso - an elongated droplet, a little

Less head.

At the top of the body on both sides, draw two

Extracted sticks - hands. To give the picture of naturalness, make them

slightly curved. Top Dorisuy Big Palms.

At the bottom of the body is a picture of two parallel sticks (legs) and

add the outlines of the shoes.

4. Excellent! It's time to draw Mickey Mouse muzzle.

Symmetrically vertical line on the head Draw two elongated ovals - eyes

Momens, oval nose, as well as mouth with folds in the corners. At this stage

Smooth lines indicate a part of the face that will remain white.

5. Extra line on the head. Dorisuy Language and Fold


6. Special attention was paid to the image of the palms: mark

The outlines of the fingers, do not forget about the protrusion on the inside of the palm. Dorisui.

Tail and shorts.

7. Eraser Sotari unnecessary lines and clearly insert the contours of the hero.

You get well! Move on.

Flood a mouse with black paints, as shown in the picture.

Add shadows on the palms, feet and shorts. Be sure to make glare in front and

spout. Such invisible, at first glance, the details will significantly improve the general

Impression from the picture.


Mickey Maus easily and quickly help you and video: Video. Kid Mickey Mouse. Drawing scheme

It's hard to believe, but good-natured and cute Mickey Character, It turns out that in the years of World War I was helped by Americans to identify German spies.

"WHO IS MICKEY MOUSE?" - asked the suspect. Where was the German to know about

Cheerful mouse, adored in distant America?

Today Mickey Mouse know and love in all corners of the Earth.

Ukrainian kids are no exception. So, I am ready to decorate their pages of your


1. Draw a mouse round head, eyes and nose.

2. Smiling Rotik - An integral part of the image of Mickey


3. Add the image round ears and highlighted a part of the head,

Which will need to paint black.

4. And now draw Mickey's handsome pretty jumpsuit.

5. Look how to draw the hands of Mickey Maus. Pay attention:

He has four fingers, instead of five. Walt Disney Character

I decided that so to portray the hero is easier and cheaper.

6. Almost ready! It remains only to trick slippers and

Fragment of the head of the head with a dark color.

Voila! Little pet kids Mickey Mouse ready.


Draw Mickey Mouse and his girlfriend Minnie Mouse

About the in love with a couple of Mickey and Minnie does not know, perhaps, only

lazy. But do you know that actor Wayne Ollvine, who voiced Mickey

Mausa 32 years old, married Rusi Taylor, whose voice said sweetly mouse

Minnie? Spouses lived in a pair until the end of life.

Draw a gentleman Mickey Mouse and his girlfriend Minnie - Romantic

The holder of many dresses and bows.

1. With the help of circles and lines, make sketches of characters.

2. On the queue - the eyes, spouts and mouths are mice.

3. Clearly draw the contours of the heads and ears.

4. Detailing the face of carters. Minni will be to the face of a bow -

Dorisuy him.

Draw other animated heroes, see here:

Fine! You can go to the tricks.

5. Here everything is simple: the boy is drawing shorts, the girl is a skirt.

Draw other animated heroes, see here:Draw other animated heroes, see here:

6. Add the last strokes and details on the muzzle and draw


6. Add the last strokes and details on the muzzle and draw

7. And finally - image of the feet of the characters.

Mickey Mouse


Mickey Mouse

Sweet couple will certainly please the heart of the fan

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Disney cartoons. So if someone from your friends loves "Mickey Club

Mickey Mouse.

Mouse ", boldly give him a picture with your favorite heroes. Forbes's magazine rated

"Mickey Mouse") - a cartoon character, one of the symbols of The Walt Disney Company and American pop culture as a whole. It is an anthropomorphic mouse.

The cost of Mickey Character is 5.8 billion dollars. I hope your work

Very friendly and always saves optimistic attitude, even when everything goes not according to plan. He loves adventures and seeks to try something new. Because of his curiosity, Mickey often falls into alterations, but it is always cleverly released from them, especially if there are best friends - Donald and Gofi.

It will be for the new owner as expensive!

Let's try to draw it a funny mouse with a simple pencil a few steps.