How to start if you want to open your store? What store is better to open and how to choose a product for trading? How much does it cost to open your little shop and how to do it with a complete zero?

Hello, dear readers of the business journal With you entrepreneur Alexander Berezhov.

When novice entrepreneurs have a question of what business to do, many choose the simplest and obvious - retail trade, namely the opening of their trading point or shop, which is essentially the same thing.

The article will be particularly interesting newcomer, which decided to open the store, without having sufficient experience. Having studied her, you will learn about all the secrets and nuances of this business.

The information in the article is universal to open any kind of shops.

For example, if you decide to open a clothing store, auto parts, children's or grocery store, then you will have to go through the same steps. Here you will also find recommendations on the opening of the most common types of stores. It will be especially relevant for you if you have not yet decided which store is profitable to open.

Now I will tell you everything in order!

How to open your store

1. What you need to know to open a profitable store

Dear friend, most importantly, you should understand that the absolute majority of people comes to the idea of ​​opening a store, as a simple at first view of a commercial project. For clarity, I propose to consider the objective advantages and disadvantages of your store as a business. So it will be easier for you to make a decision which store to open and what to pay attention to.

pros (+) your store as a business

1. Understandability for the average

That is why most novice entrepreneurs consider their store as the first project. Since childhood, we are accustomed to see markets, stalls and even supermarkets, where today you can buy almost everything.

The truth is that a person with reluctance is taken for the work he does not understand. In the case of the store, it seems to us, we will have fewer problems. But this is true only in part.

2. Easy to implement the idea

In general, in trading 99% of all business processes have long been worked out.

Not in vain, opening 1 store, his owner often does not stop and with the right approach to the case, trading points multiply like mushrooms after the rain.

Indeed, all you need is not to reinvent the bike and go to the beaten road, which should lead to success in your business, if you, of course, do not "push the shoals" at the very beginning.

3. Easy calculations (forecasting income and expenses)

Trade - this most clear business also in terms of calculations. You have the cost of the goods, the trade markup and the costs that you carry at the same time. You can only count the predicted revenue and subtract current expenses from it. So you can figure out what exactly it is profitable and how many profits can potentially be obtained.

4. Business stability during its promotion

The accumulated shopping point is this paradise for its owner. For example, a "brisk" grocery store in a residential area of ​​the city can provide you with a comfortable life, even despite the competitors located nearby.

5. The ability to sell your store as a finished business

Having built the entire system management system correctly, you can only occasionally coordinate the main processes, all things will go on inertia. So you will become the owner of a fully autonomous profit system.

Naturally, many people who have the capital will want to become the owner of such a "tight piece", but not wanting to open their store from scratch. Now selling a ready-made business is also just like a car or apartment, it is worth noting the potential customers that you sell your profitable score.

Minuses (-) your store as a business

1. High competition

The reverse side of the simplicity and clearness of the opening of the store is a high level of competition. After all, there are a lot of such people who want to become the owner of their own trading point. Each second entrepreneur wants to open his store in one or another sphere. It greatly complicates the start in this business and its further development.

2. Relatively high business entrance threshold

If you are dealing with a commodity and sell it through a regular store, in this case you will need several hundred thousand rubles or an average of 10,000 dollars to start your business.

3. The appearance of balances of non-soldered goods

Another weak side of the store as its business is the remnants of the goods.

Especially often they are formed in grocery stores and in stores selling seasonal goods. For example, New Year's toys and other holidays.

The cost of goods of goods have to include in the current value, which leads to a drop in demand, as the final price of the goods increases, and the buyer does not want to overpay.

4. A large number of periodic routine operations

Suppliers and work with them, tracking balances, renewal of the range, rental, work with staff (if available), taxes, checks, inventory - here is a far part of the incomplete list of what will have to face you in the process of working on your own store.

5. Seasonality of business depending on the chosen niche

Each trading niche has its own seasonality. It can be expressed more or less bright. For example, in summer, construction and finishing materials are sold well, and in winter, sales fall significantly.

Other stores make superbliques in winter under the New Year, and in the summer "suck the paw" in anticipation of a new profitable season. Pay attention to this factor when choosing a niche for the future store.

6. With the unsuccessful business outcome, the risk of loss of 80% of money

If suddenly your business did not go, then purchased commercial equipment will have to sell for a traffic point, and the remnants of the goods are also implemented in bulk or simply to give friends for holidays (if the goods do not apply to food).

I hope that now you have a more complete picture regarding the opening of your store and know what difficulties you have to face in the process.

It is possible to reduce the risk of financial losses if approaching the opening of your store, and more precisely the trading activity is a little differently, for example, having started trade in the business with China.

This is a very trend and interesting topic today. My friends are successful. By purchasing goods in China, you can sell them with an extraction of up to 500% without even opening the physical outlet. This business can also be engaged in the Internet.

We continue the topic of opening your store.

2. Opening a store from scratch - Sweet myth or bitter truth

If under the "zero" to understand the lack of knowledge and experience, then of course such zero will not be a hindrance to implement the project.

But if someone thinks that you can open your store without having nothing, then you have to disappoint you - it's really myth!

Let's look at those mandatory elements, without which the store is simply impossible to open in principle.

I will list this minimum, and then you can count in numbers in numbers, how much to the modest counting will cost the opening and content of the store.

For example, one of my acquaintance, opening a premium women's clothing store, put in it more than 1,200,000 rubles . This amount entered the rental room, repair in it, buying goods, buying shopping equipment, hiring staff, registration of the company.

How much does it cost to open your store?

Dishes shop

1. Room (Trade Square)

Own or rented.

Naturally, its premises (not rented) gives you enormous advantages, but unfortunately, the minority of people has such a bonus at the start.

Get ready for the fact that renting will "eat" most of the profits, and in seasonal decals you can work "at zero", without earning a penny or even go into minus, laying out money from your pocket.

2. Trade equipment

In rare cases, you will not need the counters or other equipment: stands, refrigerators (if you open the grocery store). Depending on the specifics and size of your trading point, the cost of commercial equipment will be different.

3. Product

Part of the goods you can take from suppliers to implement on the terms of delaying payment. That is, give money for it after the sale. But the other half of the goods will most likely have to be purchased.

Especially hard here comes from novice players of this market. So, if you are a novice, then not every supplier to agree to you to give the goods to implement due to the lack of confidence.

4. Seller

At first, you yourself can act as a seller and it will be even useful, because it is the owner first of all interested in the success of his business.

So you will learn the most running goods, work with the objections of buyers and you will be able to transfer our work on the employees hired in perspective.

5. Legal and accounting nuances

In any case, you will need to officially register your commercial activities, as well as periodically submit reports to the Tax Inspectorate and Pension Fund.

In addition, you will deal with overhead, invoices and contracts. With all these moments, you have to sequentially understand.

How much is the rental of commercial premises (example from life)

I will give an example of renting prices in the city of Stavropol, where I live. About 500,000 inhabitants live here.

In Moscow and St. Petersburg, respectively, the numbers will be much more.

For 2020, the average price of renting commercial premises (squares) is 1,500 rubles per square meter. m.

The size of the rental fee is significantly affected by the size of the room - the smaller, the higher the price per square meter.

3. How to open your store - 7 simple steps for beginners

The following simple steps will simply simplify this difficult to you, but an interesting way.

Try not to miss any detail of this step-by-step instruction and confident that your chances of the success of the enterprise will grow multiple times.

These steps will help you open the store even in a small town and at the same time make it profitable.

Step 1. We appreciate the available resources for the start

First of all, see what means to open your store you have. All resources you have anyway can be divided into material and intangible.

Material resources:

  • room (trading area);
  • cash;
  • shop equipment.

Intangible resources:

  • Practitioner (successful entrepreneur with his store);
  • own business experience;
  • Communications in the administration (tax) of your settlement.

Why I recommend that you begin with resource evaluation. The fact is that one resource can be turned into another with the right approach.

For example, if you have your own room, but it does not suit you to open the store, say, you are not satisfied with its location, then you can pass it out, and rent a suitable trading area for revengeted money.

This is a general principle. He will help you, including with the choice of a niche, that is, the direction of trading.

Step 2. We are determined with niche and goods

From the chosen niche (spheres of commerce) will largely depend on your success.

How to choose a niche:

  1. Rate the competition level where you want to open the store. If in the area where you plan to engage in trade, there are already major players, then these are additional risks. In this case, the strategy of nickens will make sense. This is said by the Russian billionaire, founder of the Magnet trading network Sergey Galitsky "If you decide to open a grocery store next to the giant, then do not try to overtake it in all positions, it will be done very difficult. Choose a narrower niche, for example: meat products, sweets, bakery products and work perfectly. So you can get regular customers for your trading segment. "
  2. Calculate the starting budget for the project. Always count on what spending will be at 30, or even 50 percent more than you planned initially. It is also confirmed by the experience of my entrepreneurs. Rule Leave a cash reserve for unforeseen expenses is one of the key not only for the store, but in general for any type of business.
  3. Determine whether there is a pronounced seasonality in your niche. If you assume that the niche you choose has a pronounced seasonality, then be sure to consider this when planning your business. What you will do in the "deaf" months and how to "squeeze" profits as much as possible during good trading.
  4. See whether the stores of your chosen destination exist on the market. It is important in order to open a store, which is no analogues, you did not face the complete lack of customers. Very many novice entrepreneurs face the following error - if there is no fact that I will sell, then because of the lack of competitors, I quickly get rich.

But! The truth is that these most analogues are often because there is no, that this product Not in demand .

Therefore, do not hurry to become a millionaire overnight, and run your business in a clear niche with a friend friend for people. So, earning the first money and acquiring the necessary experience, you will have more opportunities and means for experiments with "exotic" niches.

Step 3. Make a business plan of the store

Do not feel about this step as a formality.

This does not mean that it is necessary to paint the Talmuda for hundreds of pages, taking into account each penny and dozens of events development options. However, take care that you have before your eyes a written action plan with approximate calculations for three possible scenarios:

  • pessimistic scenario;
  • realistic scenario;
  • Optimistic script.

This approach is guaranteed to save you at the start of up to 30% of the funds and will give a visual understanding of the existing picture.

How to make a business plan, I already told in detail in the item of the same name consisting of three parts (part 1, part 2, part 3).

Step 4. We find room for trading or 99% of the success of the store - place, place and once again place!

Not even the best product will be very well sold where there is a large flow of target buyers.

It was on this that the statement about the importance of place when opening a store.

No wonder in retail trade is often used by the concept of "Red Line" *.

Red line - a shopping point located near the road with a large pedestrian and automotive traffic.

3 main rules for selecting the ideal location of the trading point:

Rule number 1. Large stream of potential customers

This means that the place of your store must be passing. After all, the more potential customers will see your offer, the greater the chance that you will buy.

Remember: Customers pay only for seeing!

For a penny price to your classroom, a huge range, bonuses, discounts, and so on if the client simply does not know about you.

Rule number 2. Convenience to customers (availability)

This item is directly related to the previous one. If your store is easy to find, there is a convenient parking, prominent advertising pointers nearby, you can be sure that it will go uphill.

Rule number 3. Proper positioning

If you sell elite-class products, then choose a place with this. For example, in the city center or in a famous business center.

On the contrary, if you traded lots, it makes no sense to be located in the same building with expensive boutiques, where the crazy rent size and the minimum presence of the target audience.

These simple rules will help you choose the perfect place for the future outlet.

Step 5. Choose suppliers

Now every seller struggles for his client and suppliers are no exception.

After all, the supplier is essentially the same store, only wholesale.

Several years ago, I was lucky to work in the famous company "Coca-Cola" as a marketer position in the city of Stavropol.

In the process of work, I learned a lot about retailers and now I can consider this experience to tell you what the supplier can be considered good and for what criteria it is worth selecting it.


Supplier Selection Criteria:

  1. Reliability. This is the most important criterion. Reliability combines such parameters as the obligation to execute your order, honesty in mutual settlements, timely delivery of goods;
  2. Price. Naturally, each normal person wants to buy goods at the lowest price. Compare prices of different suppliers and choose the best for other things being equal;
  3. Range. This is usually an important criterion, because the wide range of goods attracts more buyers;
  4. Reflamensionality (brand). Trade is psychology. Selling goods of famous manufacturers, you will most quickly acquire a positive reputation, and problems with the proven (brand) goods are usually less. After all, it is easy to replace it under warranty, return in case of marriage or quickly repaired in the service center of the supplier (in case of working with unproductive goods);
  5. Flexibility in calculations. Delay payments, the issuance of goods for sale, discounts and bonuses is an additional level of service that you have to do and allow you to work with additional benefits. Do not neglect this criterion.

Step 6. We register activities (open IP or LLC)

If you can still trade out of the house without registration, then everyone is best not to do this in order not to make any problems with customers and regulatory authorities.

For trade activities in the form of a retail outlet (store), IP (individual entrepreneurship) or LLC (Limited Liability Company) is best suited.

Now I will not go into details and compare these two forms of doing business.

All this is in my articles on the topic: "How to open a company", "how to open an IP", "how to open ooo".

Step 7. Run the store and analyze the results obtained

Here I intentionally do not tell about how to choose trading equipment or make a shop, since it is individually for each particular store. For the selection of merchant equipment and design, I recommend contacting the profile specialists.

Let's touch the steps again to perform before opening the store:

  1. Identify a niche;
  2. Rent and prepare the premises;
  3. Purchase trading equipment;
  4. Purchase goods;
  5. Register activities (open IP or LLC);
  6. Hire staff if necessary;
  7. Conduct an advertising campaign of your store.

After that, it is possible to create a facade of the store, buy balls and even invite a professional lead, setting up a whole show. But it is at will. If your budget allows you to do this, it's good.

As a last resort, the official opening of the store can be carried out on their own.

If you have experience in conducting events, you can act as a lead yourself, while developing a program with contests and minor prizes.

In addition to the leading opening, DJ (sound operator) with powerful columns and other necessary equipment must be present.

After opening the store, having worked for a month or another, see what you get, and what is not. Most likely, you will have "running" and "shut-down" products in the process.

Remove illiquid and make focus on current products for your customers.

This approach can be applied to all other business processes.

Chief Principle

Increase what is already working well, and how quickly you can get rid of what does not bring the result.

If you have ambitions and you do not intend to stop at one store, I spent the entire scheme on one trading point, you can continue to create your retail network.

4. Cash register - in what cases it is needed and what better to purchase

According to the current legislation, in most cases you will have to use the cash register, but there are exceptions.

In order not to paint all the nuances here with the long text, see the video from the leading expert Internet accounting "My case" Margarita Green.

Margarita talks about what cases the use of KKM (cash registers must, and in which you can do without a cash register):

How to choose a cash register for your store

When choosing a cash register, a prerequisite is the inclusion of this model KKM in the State Register. You can find out if you buy it. Also, the cash register must be equipped with an electronic control tape protected (ECLZ).

EKLZ (Electronic cash tape protected) is a block of fiscal memory for storing information about the operations.

Once a year it is necessary to change this unit (ECLZ). About this box office will remind you. After extracting this memory block, it must be stored for five years.

5. Which store is beneficial to open - 10 popular ideas on the opening of your store from scratch

All stores described below by trade profile can be opened both in a large and small town.

Features of each of them are decorated in a table convenient for perception. You will help you decide which store is better to open.

1) how to open a clothing store

One of the most popular trading options is for fashion and style lovers.

Clothing store

Name of paragraph Description
1Required attachments from $ 13,000 (rent, product, salary staff, cash register)
2Features of the store
  • maintaining an assortment series;
  • focus on brands;
  • the presence of the main size of clothing;
  • availability of accessories and related goods (bags, brushes, hangers);
  • The average check is up to 250 dollars.
3Required equipment
  • mannequins;
  • hangers;
  • fitting room;
  • racks;
  • cash machine;
  • Receptionist for issuing goods.

Ready Business Store Business Plan

2) How to open a store of underwear

It is rather a business option for a woman (girl), but men can well do if they put a female seller in such a trading point.

Shop underwear

Name of paragraph Description
1Required attachments from $ 7,000 (rent, product, salary staff, cash register)
2Features of the underwear store
  • the presence of all sizes of the goods;
  • sale of related goods;
  • The presence of branded models for different categories of buyers;
  • The average check is up to $ 40.
3Required equipment
  • racks;
  • branded racks;
  • mannequins;
  • cash machine.

Women's Lingerie Business Plan

3) how to open a grocery store

I always want to eat, so such a store will be particularly popular if it is located in a good place, for example, on a stop stop or in a densely populated outstanding area.

Shop products

Name of paragraph Description
1Required attachments from $ 25,000 (rent, product, salary staff, cash register)
2Features of the grocery store
  • the presence of fresh products (checking the terms of suitability);
  • the emergence of food residues;
  • the presence of a terminal for receiving plastic payment cards;
  • a large number of visitors per day;
  • The average check is up to $ 20.
3Required equipment
  • Counters (racks);
  • refrigerators;
  • place for comfortable packaging of goods;
  • baskets and carts;
  • cash machine.

Grocery store business plan

4) how to open a children's clothing store

This type of trade for people who love children and are interested in our "colors of life".

Children's clothing store

Name of paragraph Description
1Required attachments from $ 12,000 (rent, salary personnel)
2Features of children's clothing
  • maintaining an assortment series;
  • the presence of the main size of clothing;
  • increase the average check by selling children's shoes;
  • availability of accessories and related goods (toys, stationery, children's souvenirs);
  • The average check is up to $ 120.
3Required equipment
  • mannequins;
  • hangers;
  • fitting room;
  • Puffy;
  • cash machine;
  • Receptionist for issuing goods.

Business Plan of Children's Store

5) how to open a commission shop

A good and understandable type of a trading point for those who understand the wide range of used goods. The opening of the commission is a good way to start a business from scratch.

Commission shop

Name of paragraph Description
1Required attachments from $ 7,000 (rent, salary staff, cash register)
2Features of the Commission Store
  • convenient location in a sleeping dense population;
  • Large store area (from 100 sq. M.);
  • Commission Size: from 15% to 25%;
  • Payments for the goods sold - 2 times a week;
  • The commission store does not provide a guarantee for sold goods, since it is originally represented as used;
  • The average check is up to $ 30.
3Required equipment
  • mannequins;
  • hangers;
  • fitting room;
  • racks;
  • cash machine;
  • Receptionist for issuing goods.

Business Store Business Plan

6) how to open a auto parts store

Do you like cars and understand the details? Then this sphere of trading and the opening of its auto shop for you!

Auto parts store

Name of paragraph Description
1Required attachments from $ 17,000
2Features of the auto parts store
  • focus on a certain car brand;
  • maintaining an assortment range of goods for different car models of this brand;
  • Delivery of some spare parts for the customer under the order;
  • availability of accessories and related goods (key rings, air fresheners, liquid);
  • the need to preview the utility room;
  • The average check is up to $ 40.
3Required equipment
  • racks;
  • Counters;
  • cash machine

7) how to open a flower shop

Trade in flowers - for lovers of aesthetics, emotions, holiday and thin sensory details. The color store will bring you not only profit, but also the joy of "communication with nature".

Flower shop

Name of paragraph Description
1Required attachments from $ 5,000 (rent, salary staff, cash register)
2Features of a flower shop
  • The presence of different forms of goods - from colors of sodious to flower arrangements in the baskets and pots;
  • Registration for the order of wedding celebrations and other events;
  • maintaining colors in the fresh condition;
  • Sale of related goods (souvenirs and accessories: romantic and soft toys, postcards, flakes on flowers);
  • Availability of a glazed windows with air conditioning
  • The average check is up to $ 15.
3Required equipment
  • racks;
  • table for working with floral compositions;
  • cash machine.

Flower Store Business Plan

8) how to open a spill beer shop

If you want to start a beer retail trade, you can open your beer shop and make it almost from scratch. Where to start such a business and how much money you need to open it, see the table below. This business is especially well in areas with a corresponding contingent of consumers.

Plotted beer shop

Name of paragraph Description
1Required attachments from $ 9,000 (rent, salary staff, cash register)
2Features of a beer store on bottling
  • Assortment from 5 to 15 beer varieties;
  • Sale snacks: snacks (crackers, nuts, fish, chips);
  • Sale of thematic beer souvenirs;
  • Perhaps the presence of a hall for the use of beer and snacks on the spot.
3Required equipment
  • Equipment for sale of beer - racks with cranes and beer bids (barrels) on the reverse side;
  • Counters Glass for visual demonstration of snacks in the store;
  • shelves for sold souvenirs;
  • Tables, chairs and other furniture (in the premises for the use of beer in place).

Bulk beer business plan

9) how to open a construction store

Especially actual type of sales in the warm season. Very profitable male business type.

Hardware store

Name of paragraph Description
1Required attachments from $ 20,000 (rent, salary staff, product, cash register)
2Features of the construction store
  • maintaining an assortment series;
  • sale of additional goods of construction focus;
  • provision of services in the field of building materials;
  • availability of warehouse;
  • The middle check is up to $ 35.
3Required equipment
  • racks;
  • stands with samples of building materials and a small tool;
  • cash machine.

Building Materials Business Plan

10) how to open a franchise shop

For lovers to go beaten dear on a clear and understandable scheme. Suitable for both beginners for experienced entrepreneurs.

Franchise shop

Name of paragraph Description
1Required attachments from $ 50,000
2The features of the store opened by the franchise
  • Choosing a suitable place in line with the requirements of the franchisor;
  • payment of royalties (mandatory payments for the use of franchise);
  • Strict following the requirements of the franchisor in all business processes;
  • relatively smaller risks than with an independent opening of the store, but also a smaller freedom of action;
  • The average check is from $ 5 to $ 150.
3Required equipment
  • Trade and other equipment in accordance with the selected franchise

6. Real story about the opening of the store from scratch

A couple of years ago, one of my acquaintances, his name is Alexey, decided to do business. At this point, the guy was 24 years old and he wanted to open his store for the sale of Italian dresses and accessories for premium women.

Store of women's clothing

Alexey persuaded his father to go to Italy and right there to purchase goods. Everything was bought and cost about 300,000 rubles or at that time $ 10,000.

Next, Lesha has opened up LLC, removed the room and began to repair there. He performed a partially finish himself, and for something I had to pay masters.

The room he removed in the city center, but the place was quite unpleasant.

Materials in 200 from his store were large shopping centers with "crowded" of this business - his direct competitors.

When the repair was ready, my friend ordered advertising and called his fashionable word "boutique". Prices there were appropriate.

Alexey reasoned like this:

"I sell the goods about 2 - 2.5 times more expensive than bought, I have the goods in my expensive, it means rent, salary and taxes will soon be able to beat off."

As it should be leaning the colorful opening of the store with the sale of goods at a low price to raise buyers. Alexey called his friends to opening and made a good revenue on this day, but on other days, sales began to fall and soon disappeared.

Then he decided that the case was in non-primary repairs and invested about $ 8,000 into updating the appearance of the premises. But, contrary to this sales as low, and remained.

Maybe it's about advertising? He began to experiment with the purchase of advertising banners in the city, but it also did not work.

I remember very well, as before the start of my project, Alexey said me:

"Imagine, Sanya, when I open my store, then I will say about me that I am not just some kind of guy Lesha, but Lesha is the owner of the boutique."

From this phrase, I concluded that it was not configured to work and overcoming difficulties, but he only wants to increase his status due to the opening of the business.

Unfortunately, my fears came true and months after 5 the store closed due to the lack of working capital and large current expenditures during meager revenue.

That is, the store worked at a loss and "ate" all the money of the young entrepreneur.

As a result, Alexey lost about 1,100,000 rubles on this project. Fortunately, this money gave him a father for this business experiment and they were not the last.

And imagine what it would be if this amount he took on credit ...

That is why, before starting, once again weigh all your risks and ask yourself at first, and how much I lose in case of failure?

After all, most people begin to consider still incomplete profits.

And what thoughts are spinning in your head? Think about it!

7. Useful advice to novice entrepreneurs when opening a store

These tips will help you open a profitable store and do not close when there are difficult times, and they will be with you, believe me to business experience.

Tip 1. Spend a detailed market analysis before starting the project

Do not rush to the pool with your head. Communicate with familiar successful entrepreneurs from the retail sector. I am sure that if you wish you find them. Take the advice of these people and do not neglect them.

Explore the specifics of a niche in which you are going to open your store. Go to the shops of our competitors and appreciate their weak and strengths.

Tip 2. Have a cash reserve and be prepared for unforeseen expenses

As practice shows, the majority of newly discovered businesses in the process of work and especially at first after the start are experiencing an additional funding need.

Shop here is no exception. Be sure to keep in mind what you will need a minimum of 30% more money than you planned. And in no case do not open your business for the last money or money taken in debt, you have no experience!

Tip 3. Delegate non-core tasks

Often an entrepreneur, launching business, everything is trying to do himself. After some time, he dies and throws his job halfway. We are only most important.

For example, if indoors where you are going to open a store, you need to make repairs, charge it by specialists, paying money.

Remember that the routine operations that you do not convey to other people eat your time and bring the project collapse. Creative on the main thing to work with suppliers, planning business strategy and so on.

8. Conclusion

If you decide to open a store, refer to the practical advice and steps described in this article.

The advantages and disadvantages of this type of business were considered here, as well as the highlights that beginner entrepreneurs are faced with the organization of their own trading point.

However, as the first entrepreneurial project, I would not open your store.

If you are pulling something to sell and no matter in wholesale or retail, it would sometimes be nice to work in the sphere of trading in which you plan to open your business.

By purchasing the experience needed for this and watching the shopping "kitchen" from the inside, it will be much easier for you to accomplish the conceived.

Finally, I recommend watching video from experts on how to open a store (on the example of the store's store):

That's all. I wish you high profits and satisfied customers!

Do not forget to put like an article and share your opinions and experience on the topic in the comments.


After registering IP in the tax inspection, you receive not only the right to keep a business, i.e. To engage in entrepreneurial activities, but also the duties, the first of which - to take reporting and pay for themselves insurance premiums. In addition to these key responsibilities of each Ineshik, there are still a number of nuances that it is worth knowing not to run into fines in the first month of their official activities. Especially for this article, we selected seven important issues that it is necessary to solve IT-freeplane immediately after the State Registration.

And for those who have opened up LLC, we have prepared:

10 things that need to be done after registering LLC

1. Select the correct taxation system

If, with its registration as an IP, you did not give notifications about the transition to a simplified tax system, then you need to determine the taxation system during the X time.

The tax system is the procedure for calculating and paying tax. Each system has its own bid and tax base, but most importantly, the tax amounts to pay are significantly different. One of these indicative examples is in the article "How much does a programmer earns in Moscow according to the FTS".

Total taxation systems are five, but one of them (ECHN) is intended only for agricultural producers. You can choose between the main (based) and special systems (USN, ENVD, PSN). In principle, the calculation of the tax burden is an accounting topic, so if you have a familiar competent specialist, it makes sense to contact him.

On the knee, too, you can count something:

  • It is necessary to pay 13% of the difference between income and expenses plus VAT;
  • With USN revenues, the tax will be 6% of income (in some regions the rate can reach 1%);
  • with USN revenues minus expenses - from 5% to 15% of the difference between income and expenses (in some regions the rate can reach 1%);
  • The cost of a patent issues the FNS calculator;
  • ENVD calculation is slightly complicated, but really cope with independently.

If you do not want to delve into the calculations, but not to get to the accountant, we recommend that you submit an application for USN revenues, because This is the most common tax system. Plus, this is the simplest system in terms of reporting with a fairly low tax burden. It can also be combined with any other systems, except for it.

(!) From our recommendation to immediately go to the USN there is an exception - if your main customers will be budget organizations or a large business, then they need an IP, working on the basis.

Why is it important : Special (they are also preferential) Tax regimes allow us to reduce payments to a budget to a minimum. This right is enshrined Article 21 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation. But if you independently do not apply for the transition to the USN, ENVD, PSN, then no one will persuade you. By default, you will have to work on a common system (based on). It is undesirable about the deadlines for the reporting of its system, the tax authorities are very quickly blocked by the payroll.

Another reason to take tax reports on time is the risk of getting from the FIU payment in the amount of 154,852 rubles. The logic is such - since you have not been reported about your income in the IFNS, then their size is simply immodest. So contributions are considered to the maximum (8mrt * 26% * 12). This is not a fine, money will go to your pension account and will be taken into account when calculating pensions (if by that time everything will not change again), but still a surprise is not the most pleasant.

2. Use tax holidays

If you are registered as an IP for the first time after the adoption of the Regional Law on Tax Vacation, you can apply for a zero tax rate at the UPN and PSN modes. You can pay a maximum of two years. Specific activities for which tax holidays are established, determines the regional law.

In Moscow, the Tax Vacation developers in Moscow does not rely, but if your activity is related to research and development, then in most regions, including Moscow, you can get a zero tax rate.

With the tax holidays in detail, as well as with the basis of most regional laws, it is possible here.

Why is it important: If there is an opportunity to be some time in the tax harbor, why not take advantage of this? In addition, the PSN in principle is not possible to reduce the cost of a patent for the amount of contributions. And within the framework of the tax holidays, Patent IP will not cost you anything.

3. Know and pay for yourself insurance premiums

Insurance premiums are payments that each entrepreneur must pay for himself to the Pension Fund (FIU) and the Compulsory Medical Insurance Fund (FOMS). Since the new year, the federal tax service will be collected from the new year, because According to the authorities themselves, the funds themselves collect payments in their favor.

The minimum amount of contributions changes every year. In 2016, it is about 23 thousand rubles plus 1% from income over 300 thousand. If you have been registered as an IP for less than a year, then the amount is recalculated accordingly. Contributions for themselves should pay all the time while you are standing in taking into account as an entrepreneur. Exchange and argumentation of the form:

  • real activity does not lead;
  • what business there is one losses;
  • For me, contributions pay the employer for the employment record;
  • I actually pensions already, etc.

In consideration, funds are not accepted.

Do not pay for yourself in contributions, if IP called to the army or he cares for the child to one and a half years, a disabled child, a disabled person of the 1st group, elderly over 80 years old. But even in these cases, the accrual of contributions does not automatically stop, you must first submit documents that you do not engage in real business.

So open the IP is just like that, with the calculation that once can be useful, it is not worth it. If you still registered as an IP, and now you are in a simple, then you will be cheaper from the records (state duty is only 160 rubles), and if necessary, register again. The number of approaches to the registrar stand is not limited.

Why is it important: Contributions with you will still contribute, even if IP closes. Plus accrued a fine of 20% to 40% of unpaid amount and penalties. In addition, without paying contributions on time, you deprive yourself of the opportunity to immediately reduce the accrued tax on this amount.

An example of a decrease in payments for USN for insurance premiums

IP without workers in USN mode revenues for 2016 earned 1 million rubles. He had no costs (but even if they were, then no costs are not taken into account at the USN).

The amount of tax is 1,000,000 * 6% = 60 000 rubles. The insurance premiums of the MP for themselves amounted to 30,153.33 rubles, due to the calculation:

  • Contributions to PFR - (6 204 * 12 * 26%) + ((1 000 000 - 300 000) * 1%) = (19 356,48 + 7,000) = 26 356.48 rubles.
  • Contributions to the FOMS - 3,796.85 rubles from the calculation (6 204 * 12 * 5.1%) at any level of income.

The entrepreneur took advantage of the right to reduce advance payments for a single tax on the USN due to the insurance premiums paid, so they paid them quarterly (*).

We calculate the total amount that went to the budget in the form of tax: 60,000 - 30,513.33 rubles (the sum of the insurance premiums paid to which the tax can be reduced) = 29,846.67 rubles. As a result, all its tax burden, including insurance premiums, is equal to 60,000 rubles. Net income from the business of an individual entrepreneur is 1,000,000 - 60,000 = 940,000 rubles.

(*) If you pay contributions to a single amount at the end of the year, you will first have to pay the full amount of the tax of 60,000 rubles, and then submit an application to the IFX on the return or test of the inclined tax. Therefore, it is better to pay contributions to parts each quarter, and immediately reduce quarterly advance payments on USN. According to the result, the same will be released, but in the first case there is more trouble.

4. Submit notice of starting activities

Few people know, but before start providing services for the repair of computers and communication equipment (OKVED codes 95.11 and 95.12), IP must be submitted to the local branch of Rospotrebnadzor notification of the beginning of the implementation of entrepreneurial activities.

This is done in order to include you in the Rospotrebnadzor check plan, although the first three years after the registration of the IP promise not to check. But if the client complains that the client, the dissatisfaction with the quality of the services, then the check will be unscheduled. By the way, from January 1, 2017, Rospotrebnadzor will come with a check, only if the client provides evidence that he has already tried to call you to answer. Apparently, the department has already tired to check the reality of all consumer complaints.

Why is it important: If not to submit a notification, you can get a fine of 3 to 5 thousand rubles. In itself, the specification of OKVED codes 95.11 and 95.12 When registering, IP does not oblige you to report anything. You need to file a notice only if you really plan to start repairing computers and communication equipment.

5. Open the calculated account

It is possible to work without a calculated account if your customers are individuals who pay in cash, and you conclude contracts with other IP and LLC for the amount of no more than 100 thousand rubles. This is a limit that installed the Central Bank for cash settlements between commercial entities.

It is quite easy to exceed it, because it is not a one-time payment, but the amount of calculations during the entire term of the contract. For example, you have entered into a lease agreement for a year, rent - 15 thousand rubles per month. The total amount of calculations under the contract will be 180 thousand rubles, which means that the rental payment is allowed only without non-cash.

Cashless payments are in principle convenient, not only because they increase the number of payment methods, but also allow the consumer to pay a credit card with you when he does not have other free money. Calculations by electronic money can be legalized by creating a corporate wallet of IP.

Why is it important: For violation of the cash flow limit on IP impose a fine under Article 15.1 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation (from 4 to 5 thousand rubles). And about why you should not accept payments to your personal map, we told in Article 5 of the reasons not to use your personal account in Freilance.

6. To register as an insurer

If you are using hired work, then you need to register in a timely manner as an insurer. Moreover, the type of contract with an employee - labor or civil-legal - does not matter. Even if you conclude a one-time short-term contract for performing some services or works with a conventional saline, then become an insured. That is, except for the payment of remuneration to the Contractor, is obliged at their own expense to pay insurance premiums for him, keep and transfer to the NDFL budget and to pass outcilla.

The obligations of the policyholder for the delivery of all sorts of reports on employees or performers are very depressing - it is really a lot, and it is difficult. And since 2017, the main fees for the administration of contributions were transferred to the FTS, lefting for some reports for the FIU and FSS.

Why is it important: Terms of registration as a policyholder of individuals in the FIU and FSS - 30 days from the date of the conclusion of the first labor or civil law contract. If the time to break or do not register at all, the Pension Fund will finish the amount of from 5 to 10 thousand, and social resources from 5 to 20 thousand rubles. Since 2017, the registration procedure in the FSS remains the same, and instead of the FIU, the statement of the IP-insured must be submitted to any tax authority.

7. Get a license if your activity refers to licensed

License is a permit for the right to engage in a certain type of activity. In the IT-Sphere, the Law of 04.05.2011 No. 99-FZ refers to the licensed following areas:

  • Development, production, dissemination of encryption, information systems and telecommunication systems, performance, maintenance, maintenance in this area, with the exception of the own needs of the organization or IP;
  • Development, production, implementation and acquisition in order to sell special technical means intended for the inadvertent receipt of information;
  • Activities to identify electronic devices intended for the unlawful receipt of information, with the exception of the organization's own needs or IP;
  • Development and production of protective equipment, technical protection activities of confidential information.

Licenses issues FSB, licensing advice can be obtained here.

Why is it important: For activities without a license or in violation of its conditions, an administrative penalty under Article 14.1 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation may be charged (for SP, the amount of 3 to 5 thousand rubles) is allowed to confiscate made products, produced products and raw materials. If, as a result of such activities, large damage is caused or income received in large amounts, and criminal liability is also possible.

Criminal Code, article 171. illegal entrepreneurship

1. Entrepreneurial activities without registration or Without a license In cases where such a license is obligatory if this act caused major damage to citizens, organizations or the state or is associated with the extraction of income in a large scale, shall be punished with a fine in the amount of up to three hundred thousand rubles or in the amount of wages or other income of the convicted person for the period up to two years or mandatory work for up to four hundred eighty hours or arrest for up to six months.

2. The same act:

a) committed by an organized group;

b) conjugate with extracting income in particularly large size, -

punished fine in size from one hundred thousand to five hundred thousand rubles or in the amount of salary or other income convicted for the period from one year to three years Or forced work for up to five years old, or imprisonment for up to five years with a fine of up to eighty thousand rubles or in the amount of wages or other income of the convict for the period up to six months either without one.

Finally, a brief overview of what you can not do with IP:

  1. IP can not be sold completely as a business. An entrepreneur can sell property, remnants of goods, raw materials, materials and so on. Buyer, if he intends to continue to conduct business, must be registered as IP or LLC. Documents where the name of the owner's entrepreneur (licenses, permits, coordination, contracts, etc.) will have to re-refline the new owner, and this is not always easy.
  2. IP cannot be renamed. Changes in the name IP are allowed only if the passport details of the individual himself changed. For example, when changing the name in marriage. And just so called by another name or invent a sonorous pseudonym / the name cannot be. You can register a trademark or a service sign that is used in advertising, but in official documents IP will still appear under the full name of the individual.
  3. You can not simultaneously register two or more PI. Registration of an entrepreneur is carried out on his Inn Physly, who does not change in life, regardless of the change of name. If you are a valid entrepreneur, the tax authorities will immediately see, so in the opening of the new IP will refuse. Want to have several unrelated businesses - register companies, only need to be parted at 10, after that the founder is recognized as massive.
  4. IP can not be transferred or lease. It is equivalent to lease of a passport or employment record. There are such offers on the Internet, and try to convince that everything is here in the framework of the law: they will show copies or originals of the certificate of registration of IP, they will write a power of attorney and will even sign an agreement on joint activities. That's just such a contract is entitled to enter into commercial entities, and not the physical, therefore it does not have legal force. Everything that you earn will belong to the "Lessor", try to prove something only through the court.

If you are not still a life, but are actively thinking about it, read our full instructions for registering IP with all lifehams. We are also ready to advise you for the choice of the optimal tax system.

Other articles from our blog on Habré:

Own business with income above average is the dream of any person with a business vest. But what to do in a limited budget? How to act from the very beginning, when there is no clear plan, understanding the market and the nuances of launching a commercial project?

We decided to disassemble all these questions in today's article. From it you will handle interesting and profitable business ideas, you will understand, in which direction it is better to develop, where to take money at the start and what errors should be avoided. In the end, we give a step-by-step plan with universal recommendations, which will be useful when opening almost any type of business.

What business can be opened if the budget is minimal?

To begin with, we will submit a few significant arguments in favor of our own business:

  • You can start from scratch and need. This is real even without influential ties and special education. All that is necessary is the idea, the desire to act, absorb new information and adapt to changing market trends;
  • The main problem for newbies is a decision of financial issues. However, it is not so difficult to find the starting capital. Especially when the model and business format are correctly selected;
  • Go to entrepreneurs costs and without experience. This deficiency is easily compensated, if working in the sphere, which is energetized with its own interests;
  • Office rental and reception of employees who need to pay wages are not a prerequisite. You can act directly from the house, completely bypassed on your own at first.

With a minimum budget, you should choose a simple, already tried by other business idea. The main thing is to have demand for the product. Even if it is a highly competitive niche, you can try to discontinue with special positioning. In general, it is better to look towards niche with an average level of competition.

The scale initially intelligently plan the limited, since large projects, as well as non-standard business ideas, most often require considerable money infants.

From the point of view of the format there are 2 main options:

  1. Small retail point.
  2. Online store.

The idea is selected depending on the selected format. It can be the production or sale of material goods, the implementation of any works or services.

We offer to consider such goods for sale:

Business for the sale of listed product categories is possible to run with minimal investments. The demand for them is quite high.

In the field of services at the moment in demand:

  • trucking;
  • Cleaning;
  • individual tailoring and ordering bags;
  • construction and repair;
  • various thematic courses;
  • photographing;
  • manufacture of paintings;
  • Decoration halls;
  • flower delivery, food;
  • clothes, rental cars;
  • Printing on circles, T-shirts.

Production can be organized at home. For example, grow vegetables, fruits or flowers in greenhouses, to do soap. More options - create original decorations, prepare jam, jams or marinades, cheese, bake cakes.

Advantages of e-commerce

Considering the current situation in the world, The optimal business format is now online store . It gives many advantages, both experienced and novice entrepreneurs:

  • The possibility of a quick start under the condition of minimal investments. Goods can be purchased from dropshipping suppliers for the fact of the order. Compared with a stationary retail point for starting, it is at least cost. There are no permits and evidence from government agencies and local administration;
  • Relatively low maintenance costs. At first, e-commerce can be done without an office, a warehouse, a large number of employees. The cost of registration of the trading hall is also excluded: only the minimum content and the budget platform on which the site will work;
  • Flexibility and mobility. Manage online business is possible from anywhere in the world. It gives freedom of movement, does not bind to a certain place and time;
  • Unlimited territorial coverage. Online stores cover much more potential audience. Through them can be sold, not limited to one region or country;
  • a large assortment. On virtual showcases it is easy to place any amount of goods. It is enough to conclude contracts with several suppliers and upload positions to the site;
  • Maintain analytics. It is easier to track statistics on the Internet: to find out how many visitors come to the site that they look and most often buy, in what quantity. These data are recorded by web analytics services. Knowing them, the entrepreneur can increase sales by adjusting its proposal for current requests and customer needs;
  • Availability of additional services. In the online store you can increase the level of service without applying special efforts. We are talking about various additional features and services: comparing individual goods, recommendation blocks with similar and accompanying products, purchasing in one click, different options for payment and delivery, simple order form.

Pros of your online store

Pros of your online store

Where to get money for the start?

Starting capital, albeit the minimum, will need to implement any business idea. If you plan to sell the goods, you will need to purchase at least a small test party, rent a room, create a website. For production, even at home, you need raw materials and equipment. To provide services - appropriate tools and materials. All this will require money.

Where to find them:

  • take from loved ones or friends. This is the most favorable option, as you can take into debt the right amount without interest, and then thank for the help of a small presentation. If there is no such possibility, we go further;
  • Place a loan. To do this, we need to prominate all existing suggestions, compare the conditions and choose a favorable bet for small businesses. Optimal output from the position is a credit card or lending on special conditions from the state. On the Internet there are many ratings in which rates are compared on various banking programs;
  • Get a grant. Such assistance is provided by the state and different foundations for supporting novice entrepreneurs. To become a grant applicant, you need to search for information about current programs on the network, make a business plan and apply;
  • Sell ​​property. Extreme option, but also takes place. Some, for example, sell a car and invest out money in business launch. With the right approach, after a while, attachments with interest pay off, so it will be possible to buy a new car without any problems.

If finances are completely tight, we recommend you think about working to order with prepayment or by the dropshipping system.

Dropshipping is a business model in which the seller acts as an intermediary between the manufacturer and the end user. He collects orders, generates applications, transmits the necessary information to suppliers. The Suppliers are equipped with the order and send it directly to the buyer, without specifying their data. Seller-dropshipper makes a profit in the form of margins to the wholesale value. Such a scheme provides for minimum investments. It employs many companies.

DropShipping scheme

DropShipping scheme

Where to start: step-by-step launch plan

We formulate an idea

You need to start with the search for a standing idea. Possible options we viewed above. Choose what more resonates with your interests and hobbies, inspires and raises the desire to act. Invent something supernova and unique is not worth it. It is more expedient to take an already proven option, finding shortcomings in it and improve. Go to the formed market is the easiest way.

Choosing a business idea, you need to consider:

  1. Scope of activity. Pre-analyze the demand in the territorial limits that will cover the project. Determine in which direction competitions competition, and which is developed weakly. Choose a niche, potentially profitable and most interesting for yourself so that there is a desire to develop in it.
  2. Goals. Think of what final result want to achieve - enrichment, popularity and success, power. It is not necessary to strive for something alone, but to work comprehensively, not to wait for the Golden Mountains, adequately evaluate the situation, to make decisions.
  3. Quality. Focus not on quantity, but on the quality of the selected product or service. Otherwise, the company's reputation is hopelessly spoiled at the start, there will be many complaints and complaints from buyers.

With minimal investments it is better to open the microbusiness and abandon global large-scale ideas.

We analyze the market

After choosing the idea and niches, it is necessary to carefully analyze the market:

  • Find out how popular the product is now, whether the seasonality factor affects sales;
  • evaluate competition, identify weak and strengths of competitors, formulate their own differences;
  • explore prices and the composition of the range;
  • Determine the target audience of the project, divide it into segments, explore the needs, interests, desires of potential buyers.

This will help to understand whether there is a demand for goods.

All information obtained in the analysis process should be taken into account in the future strategy. You can take data in analytical reports, research of marketers, in Google Trends and Yandex.Sordstat services, sectoral publications.

More options are shopping and analyze the work of competitors, becoming a secret buyer, to organize your own research using telephone polls, questions by email or in messenger.

Make a business plan

The next step is to write a business plan. It is planning a company's development vector in the future, helps plan ways to achieve goals, makes it possible to avoid probable risks and pitfalls. This is a basic document for assessing the entrepreneurial initiative, step-by-step instructions in which all stages of launching their own business are painted.

The business plan includes the following information:

  • Global and local project opening goals;
  • the number of potential buyers of goods / services;
  • optimal ways to attract customers;
  • priority indicators of business efficiency;
  • the amount of initial investments and investments that are necessary in the first year of work;
  • Predicted revenue size.

In order to economize, Try to write a business plan on your own based on statistical data and facts. . To do this, use the recommendations of experts or ready-made examples and templates that are in public domain. The main task is to properly adapt them to your niche.

The main sections of the business plan:

  1. Entry in the form of a detailed description of the project with a common summary, prospects, implementation periods.
  2. Product or services, including the selected pricing policy.
  3. Sales Market Overview - Analysis of Nishi and Competitors, Basic Trends in Industry, Expert Forecasts.
  4. Marketing plan with a description of the competitive advantages, promotional promotion strategy, analysis of the target audience and the channels of its attraction. ATP and positioning are also prescribed.
  5. Organizational structure. The legal form of business is indicated here, the responsibility between the owners is distributed, the range, basic and reserve suppliers, personnel composition is determined.
  6. Financial part. This includes the prospects for the profitability of the project, accounting of expenses, description of sources of financing, the procedure for the case of unplanned spending, the calculation of the break-even point.
  7. Risk factors and ways to eliminate them. For example, there is a risk of purchasing low-quality products. So, we prescribe solutions: request test specimens from the supplier, require quality certificates.

Create a business plan is needed in the form with which it will be convenient to work in the future. All numbers and mean values ​​should be calculated individually, and not to take from ready-made patterns.

Register the project

No matter what business you open from scratch, it must be officially registered.

The first step is to determine the type of organizational and legal form:

  1. IP. Ensures simple statements and understandable accounting, quick registration with a small duty, the ability to work in any region. All profits made is the personal property of the entrepreneur. If necessary, IP is closed without any problems. Cons - restrictions on certain types of trade (alcohol, medical drugs, poisons and other), mandatory insurance premiums, responsibility of personal property.
  2. LTD. Provides several owners, responsibility for authorized capital, the ability to carry out any activities. Cons - high registration costs, complex accounting, additional tax 13%, problem elimination.

The easiest and most popular format for small business - IP. Especially if we are talking about quite limited opportunities at the start in the plan of finance. Its main advantage is the minimum of initial costs. In addition, to create an online store no special permits and licenses required.

To register an IP, it is enough to prepare a passport and INN, fill out a statement, pay for state duty and submit documents to the tax service at the place of registration. You can also go through the procedure online through the Public Services portal. Registration is confirmed within 3 working days, after which an entrepreneur is issued an extract from EGRIP.

For some activities, in addition to the application package, You must apply for additional notice. . This applies to areas:

  • catering;
  • cosmetology;
  • Veterinary and hotel services.

We solve issues with taxes and reporting

The second step after registration is to choose a tax scheme. From it will depend on the reporting and volume of tax burden. The default is the common system. But it is unprofitable for IP: VAT is paid on it, income tax, complex accounting is carried out and many checks are carried out.

Therefore, when opening your little business from scratch It is better to switch to a part of a special tax or a preferential rate . And you need to do it immediately.

In order not to make a mistake with the choice, it is worth considering in advance with an accountant, a tax inspection specialist or study laws on their own. Take the right decision without preparation is difficult, but errors are fraught with high tax rates and fines.

Options for specials:

  • Simplified system. The tax is paid from income or difference between profit and costs. The declaration is submitted once a year, there are restrictions on the turnover, the number of personnel, activities;
  • Patent system. The patent is bought for a year or a few months. The tax does not depend on income, there is no reporting, but the right to patent can take into the event of a delay of the next payment. Not suitable for all regions and activities;
  • A single tax that is paid from imputed income. This mode can be applied with others, the declaration is provided with each quarter.

The most important thing on the specialists is to follow the deadlines for filing the documentation. Due to the overference of entrepreneurs, they are often translated on the general bases of taxation.

Test idea

Next follows the check of the fight. It is important to spend fast testing ideas: Collect the minimum range, run the site, give a small advertising and try to get the first sales. This stage is needed to study demand in practice. To start faster, you should not focus on modifications and constantly postpone the launch. It is necessary to start with what is, to check the idea of ​​action and gradually improve the project in the course of its development.

If the first results do not match expectations, revise the plan, analyze the likely errors. It is best to see them at the start, and then quickly deposit the necessary adjustments or revise a low-job idea.

Some recommendations on the launch of the store from scratch:

  • Make a site on a platform adapted to ECOMMERCE. It is much easier and more profitable than ordering the development of a programmer or in a professional web studio. Excellent option - platform for online stores Insales. It has all the necessary tools for efficient business;

  • Find 2-3 proven suppliers and start purchases from small test parties. A good alternative for a quick and inexpensive start - dropshipping. To save on delivery, consider suppliers that are located as close to your area;
  • Do not merge a lot of money in paid advertising channels. Before planning a marketing budget, test different formats and try to determine what works in the niche more efficiently.

Develop and promote business

If the selected idea turned out to be a worker and went the first sales, begin to actively invest in further development and promotion. Net profit must be higher than zero. Then you can put more global goals and reinvest incomes in:

  • Improvement site, refinement of functionality and design;
  • rent or increasing office and warehouse;
  • Purchase of equipment;
  • hiring qualified personnel;
  • Expansion of the range.

A separate item is promotion. First of all, this is planning marketing strategies and launching advertising campaigns that are vital to attract new buyers and build up the client base. Connect all possible advertising potential and at the maximum attend places where there is a target audience.

Minimum set of action for promotion:

  • gradually, as far as possible, launch contextual advertising, target, email marketing, placed on price aggregators;
  • engage in SEO-optimization of a site that improves visibility in search engines and contributes to the involvement of free organic traffic;
  • Create and actively keep the company's pages in popular social networks - Facebook, Instagram, VK.

You can also try to move through blogging, viral advertising, link exchange and articles. In addition, it is important to record the results of current marketing activities and cut out methods that do not bring significant effect.

Typical mistakes newcomers

Many newbies who want to open a business from scratch almost without money, take similar mistakes:

  1. Invent many self-absorption and excuses. The most frequent beliefs that prevent on the start is expensive, and I have no money; no time; It is difficult and scary; no connections; There is no place on the market, all ideas are already implemented; I do not want to risk; I do not know how to do business. It is necessary to discard fears and act, otherwise in no way.
  2. Pay little attention to details. Typically, novice entrepreneurs are repelled from basic ideas about the project and personal motivation. It should be wider and not to reduce planning to minimal counting.
  3. Incorrect set goals. By putting the goal, it is worth understanding what to achieve everything will not come immediately. KPI follows from the purposes - key performance indicators for which you will navigate in the process of work. Therefore, it is necessary to clearly answer the question, why do you need a business. The formulation by type I want to secure old age or become a free person is not suitable.
  4. Ignore a business plan compiling. Finance love the bill. If you do not calculate the profitability of investments, you can quickly fire and scatter.
  5. Do not investigate the market. Act, as you have to, in business it is impossible. It is necessary to regularly analyze the situation (even after entering the market), be aware of changes and trends, comply with the current requests and needs of the audience. This will help prevent gross mistakes, find new ways for development and scaling.


The optimal solution for beginners who want to open a business from scratch and at the same time to do with minimal investments - the online store on the Insales platform. Inside it has everything you need for sales: Powerful features, ready and unique designs, hundreds of integrations. It remains only to choose a suitable business idea and go through all the steps described in the step-by-step launch plan.

Creating IP

An individual entrepreneur is an individual who received the right to conduct entrepreneurial activities after state registration. To open an IP, you need to fill out the P21001 statement and submit it to the Tax Inspectorate.

Registration of IP is an easy process, you can pass it yourself or contacting professional registrars. Our step-by-step instructions for the registration of IP for beginners in 2021 will show you how to open an IP for free and quickly.

on a noteWant to know even more? Read: Self-registration IP: The most detailed step-by-step instruction.

Register business online

Step 1. Select the method of registration of IP

The design of the IP occurs in the tax inspectorate at the address of the place of residence (registration in the passport), and in the absence of PI, open at the address of temporary registration. If you do not have the opportunity to contact the tax at the place of registration, you can register IP online. For users in Moscow, this service is available "turnkey" and it turns out for three working days (digital signature is already included in the price, after switching to the button, select "Register IP"):

Open IP remotely "turnkey"

Help professional registrars

So that you can decide whether you will do the preparation of documents yourself or prefer the "turnkey registration", compare the plates and cons of both options in the table:


Independent training

Registrar services


You yourself fill out the P21001 statement and prepare a package of documents for filing in the FTS

Registrars will fill out a statement for you and issued the necessary documents. If you want to have a service for submitting documents to the registering FTS and / or receiving them


Receiving experience in preparing entrepreneurial documents and communicating with registering authorities.

Saving money on registrar and time services, if registration is carried out using our service.

To get registration documents, you do not have to spend your efforts on their preparation. Most registrars guarantee the return of funds to pay for state duty, if the FTS failure occurred by their fault.


There are no if you follow the registration rules and use our prompts.

Additional expenses; the need to transmit passport data; No experience of interaction with FTS.


With online registration - for free, with offline - state duty of 800 rubles; Costs for notarial design, if you turn to notary - from 1000 to 1300 rubles.

Registrar services - 1,000 to 4,000 rubles; State duty - 800 rubles; Nootarization costs - 1,000 to 1,300 rubles.

Step 2. Select OKVED Activity Codes

Before filling out an application for the opening of the PI, decide what business will we take. Entrepreneurial codes are chosen from the Special OKVED Classifier, use our search form to do this. If you use our service to prepare documents, then you will be offered a drop-down list, which will make your work on choosing codes even more convenient.

On one sheet, the statements can be specified 69 codes of activities, and if one sheet is not enough, it is allowed to fill extra. Indicate only those OKVED codes that contain 4 or more digits. Select one code as the main (type of activity that is expected to obtain the main income), the rest will be optional. You are not required to conduct activities on all the specified codes, but we recommend to prescribe only those codes for which you plan to work. In the future, if you change the direction of the business, you can add them.

Step 3. Fill out the application form P21001

The P21001 statement is the main document to prepare for the registration of IP. Errors when filling out the application will lead to a refusal to register an IP. We recommend to make your data in the form of P21001 using our service, this will allow you to avoid errors and violating the established requirements.

You do not need to sign a statement! You will sign it in the presence of a tax inspector or at the notary, if you do not register the PI personally.

Step 4. Pay a state duty

For registration of IP, the state charges a duty in the amount of 800 rubles. You can pay the state duty in one way:

  • Fill out the receipt form manually, for which you need to learn the details of the registering authority in the tax inspectorate or on the FNS website;
  • Take advantage of the special service of the FTS on the formation of the receipt.

Since 2019, applicants who send documents for the registration of IP through the website of the FTS site or the Public Services portal are exempt from the payment of state duty (Art. 333.35 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation). However, this is possible only if there is a reinforced qualified electronic signature. In addition, the duty is not charged when submitting paper documents through the IFC, which concluded an agreement on electronic document flow with the IFTS.

Step 5. Select the tax system

The creation of IP is the first step towards your own business. So that it was profitable, it is already important at the start to choose the SP tax system correctly. Most often the most profitable regime for a novice individual entrepreneur is a simplified tax system.

To apply for the transition to the USN, it is necessary within 30 days after the opening of the IP, but it can be done when submitting documents for registration. If you decide to register an IP with the help of our service, then the program will prepare for you a statement about the transition to simplified.

Step 6. Collect a package of documents and submit it to the registering authority

Check for the opening of the IP you must prepare the following documents:

  • Application for registration of IP in the form of P21001 - 1 copy;
  • Receipt of payment of state duty - 1 copy;
  • A copy of the main document certifying the identity is 1 copy;
  • Notification of the transition to USN - 2 copies., (But some IFTSs require 3 copies);
  • Power of Attorney, if the documents apply to a trustee.

If the method of submitting documents is through a trustee or by mail, then the statement of P21001 and a copy of the passport should be notarized.

Foreigners and stateless persons to open an IP, the following documents will additionally need:

  • A copy of the document RVP or a residence permit - 1 copy;
  • Notarized translation of a foreign passport - 1 copy.

To find out the address of the Tax Inspectorate, where the registration of PI in your place of residence or stay, you can through Service FTS. When submitting documents, you will receive a receipt receipt in the registering authority to create an IP.

Step 7. After registration of IP

In 2021, the period for registration of the IP is not more than 3 working days after submitting documents. In the event of a successful registration, the IFTS sends documents to E-mail the applicant in electronic form, a list of records of a single state register of individual entrepreneurs in form No. P60009 and a certificate of registration in the tax authority (INN), if it was not previously obtained.

If you want not only electronic, but also paper documents, make a mark in the P21001 statement (paragraph 2 b).

Congratulations, now you are an individual entrepreneur! We hope that our step-by-step instructions for registration of IP in 2021 helped you!

What if you received a refusal to register IP or LLC? From October 1, 2018, the applicant may re-submit documents for registration of IP or LLC without re-paying the duty. To contact the IFTS, it is necessary for three months after the decision to refuse, and this can be done only once.

Almost every person sooner or later thinks about opening its own business and from hired workers to go to the League of Entrepreneurs. Well, why not?

Business empires founded not wizards in a blue helicopter with a bag of cute dollars. Often business begins with a couple of buddies in the father's garage or from the "office" on the home sofa. And without any starting capital.

If you are just in search of ideas, where to start your own business, our article will help you decide.

Getting on the way of entrepreneurship, you need to make sure that you understand and fully accept the responsibility and risks of choice:

  1. The entrepreneur is a profession. The same as any other. Just as it is impossible to become a seller, teacher, a cook, reading a couple of articles, and business needs to be learn. It is desirable not on your own errors. Look at the webinars and master classes on the topic "Introduction to Entrepreneurship" (at a minimum).
  2. The first attempts in business are often unprofitable. Morally prepare for the fact that not all will immediately work out. Do not wait for the lungs, but also do not be sad in advance.
  3. If you open a business with a partner, your relationship can spoil. Even if you were friends with a kindergarten, you can not fall into the opinions, quarrel because of money and take each other.
  4. For the last money, business can not be opened. The risk, of course, a noble thing, but if you put everything before a penny, and the case "will not take off," you are unlikely to comfort (and feed) is a dubious "nobility".

If it doesn't frighten it, go to the next item!

How to open your business from scratch and not

How to open your business from scratch and not

When there are no free money, stocks of goods, production resources, business opportunities are definitely less, but they are. The main thing, not to make stupid mistakes at the start. The first, immediately throw thoughts about stock exchanges, network marketing and other "guaranteed methods" to earn a million in a couple of days - it is non-serious.

Secondly, do not try to work in which you do not understand anything. Even if this business from the side seems to you as transparent as possible, in fact you will face a bunch of pitfalls. Move in a familiar direction - profession, hobby.

Thirdly, do not hurry to take big loans and inappropriate loans. You still do not know how much money and why do you need. We will deal with the money a little later. You most likely have a starting capital, even if it seems that it is not. Just this is not money, but other resources. Your skills, skills, dating, experience, computer equipment, car. Spend a revision than you now have!

And most importantly, check if you have time to build your own business? There is something, and there is a lot of time.

Where to start your business: disassemble the steps

Pour patience. The better you prepare, the more chances of success. To start your own business:

Defect with niche

1. Defend with niche

Idea for business Find is not difficult: drank everything you like to do what you know how to do well; Wrong all that you have dissatisfaction with you or what you lack (for example, in the city thousands of promoters and not a single workshop on the repair of bicycles). Also pay attention to Western ideas - it is possible to spit them in transmissions, serials. What in other countries "says it yourself", and we have no?

Then the demand and supply of each of the ideas: Do you have a lot of competitors? What competitive advantages can you offer?

Choose from ideas that satisfy three criteria:

  • You like this activity / product / service;
  • You dismantled well in this;
  • There is a stable demand for goods / service.
Make a business plan

2. Make a business plan

Figures reconcile dreams with reality. A good business plan will help to attract investment, find partners. Do not download a plan from the Internet "if only it was." Each business is individual. Clean time and rub with calculations.

To pragmatically take a look at the prospects, ask yourself three questions:

  • Is there any need for your business?
  • Who is your target audience? How do you position your product / service?
  • Who are your main competitors and what do you differ from them?

Answers to these questions should also be clear from your business plan (and confirmed by numbers!). Be sure to be taken into account in the business plan. Marketing: how will you promote your products / services and how much money it takes.

Deferred to the Juralian

3. Defect with a legal entity

Even when the business is fully planned and already lives in your head, it is officially starting from the moment of registration. Small businesses have two options: IP (individual entrepreneur) and LLC (limited liability company).

Pros of individual entrepreneurship:

  • Simple and fast registration;
  • not need authorized capital;
  • minimum accounting requirements;
  • Minimum taxes and simplified reporting.

Cons IP:

  • The need for payments to the Pension Fund and the Social Insurance Fund, regardless of the amount of profit (or its absence);
  • The lack of a corporate name (brand and IP are not connected);
  • The business is almost impossible to sell, divide, pass by inheritance;
  • In which case, in court will have to answer personal property;
  • For some activities it is impossible to create an IP (selling alcohol, security activities, etc.).

Pros of Limited Liability Company:

  • If the company's activities are not conducted, it is not necessary to pay anything to the funds;
  • In the case of submission to court, you will only answer the property of the company and the authorized capital (10,000 rubles);
  • The company can be sold;
  • The company can be called as you like and develop a brand.

Minuses LLC:

  • the need for authorized capital (however, this is the amount of only 10,000 rubles);
  • more complex accounting, most likely you will have to hire an accountant;
  • Higher fines and duties compared to SP.
Choose the tax system

4) Choose the tax system

Normal or simplified? The usual tax system implies a complex document flow. Who loves filling a million paper? Not you? While your revenue will not exceed 60 million rubles a year, choose simplified.

Simplified taxation system (USN) - special tax regime. The rate of 6% is suitable for whom the low product cost of the product. Especially relevant for intelligent products and services (for example, if you do consulting). If you are going to buy goods in bulk and sell them in retail, then a 15% mode from the difference between income and expenses is suitable.

A single tax on imputed income (UNVD) is a preferential tax regime, the tax in which is calculated by the special formula. ENVD is not attached to real income, is calculated from the intended impressed income. In each region, its own nuances when applying this mode.

There is a great "bun" at the imputed tax: it can be reduced by the amount of insurance premiums (for himself, if IP, 100%, on itself and employees in LLC - by 50%). It is convenient for those who are engaged in retailers, for catering enterprises, domestic services.

After you determine the organizational moments, you can start registration of the legal entity and the opening of the bank account.

How to get funds for business development

How to get funds for business development

All preparatory work has been done, you already know until the comma all the numbers of your business plan and you can tell it even in the reverse order, and there is still no money to open your own business. No problem. There are ways to attract funds.


At first, friends, relatives familiar be played by investors. The best investors are, of course, buyers. Quite often several prepayments allow you to launch a business. But it must be remembered that investments are not voluntary donations, but financial obligations for which it is necessary to answer.

If you beat the business plan, justify the attractiveness of your idea, you can count on the support of professional investors and patrons.


The state is ready to help small businesses - both at the opening stage, and during development. Each region has various entrepreneurship support funds, there are federal support funds. Boldly address everything and learn the conditions. Fund priorities are different, different support programs, learning everything carefully.


Some State Funds, Unions of Entrepreneurs, Foreign Associations, commercial banks provide grants - free subsidies to business. Money is not identified personally to an entrepreneur, but his organization. Of course, it will be necessary to report on spending money. How do you understand, just come with an idea behind the grant not enough. A high-quality business plan will help convince the sponsors to allocate money to you.


Banks offer a variety of loan offers. Most often, the more profitable loan conditions, the more difficult process of obtaining it. Prepare for the fact that both the constituent documents and a business plan may require constituent documents.

Ideas for a successful start and practical recommendations

How to choose a business idea

You can copy the already working successful idea, you can be based on your skills and preferences, you can find an idea, solving the problem. And what if the list is too big?

  1. Play with WordStat Using Yandex service to find out how often you are looking for what you want to offer in your city. What other services and products are looking for key words for your business.
  2. You can save the ribbon to socialize the tape not only for procrastination. Come in urban and district publics, read posts of friends and acquaintances. Often people are looking for solving their problems in social networks. It can push you into steep ideas.
  3. Look around the house, your area, your city. What is missing? What are the inconveniences that you can eliminate and at the same time earn money? Perhaps parents do not have time to take children from kindergarten and they need an hourly nanny. Maybe there is not a single round-the-clock store near the house. Or maybe in your city there are no cleaning services or people need laundry self-service?
Business ideas 2020 with minimal investments

Business ideas 2020 with minimal investments

Domestic services

It is not necessary to personally know how to repair washing machines, heat the pants and glue the wallpaper. You can find performers and organize their work, provide applications. There will be no big money for opening a business, but you will need to show the ability to negotiate and promptly build processes.

Online store

Website designers allow you to create a nice and convenient online store yourself, without hiring programmers and web designers. If you understand some categories of goods well, you know how to offer them better, to which there is a demand - you and cards in your hands. You can buy Chinese goods cheap and sell them online with home delivery.

Professional Coworking

Many private craftsmen do not afford a separate room and sometimes it is impossible to accept customers at home or ride the customer to the house. Therefore, a place where experts and customers will be able to meet in a comfortable environment will enjoy success. You can create a coworking for masters of beauty spheres, cavking for tutors, etc. You will need to remove the room and equip jobs.

Business at home

Business at home


For this type of business you need the Internet. Well, and minimal investments in advertising. If you understand something well and you can help people solve their problems - to advise about the divorce, give recommendations on style and shopping, you can conduct a business at all coming out of the house.

Home garden and garden

Microelline, mushrooms or varietal violets - if you can trust the care of plants, it is possible, you can make business on them. Especially if you live in a private house.


Pets - family members. The owners take care of them no less than about children. At home, you can organize tailoring of layers, pillows, soft houses, exclusive animal clothes.

What business to open with minimal investments in a small town

In small cities there are advantage of the opening of the business: not all niches are busy, rental costs and salary less than in the metropolis, and the "Sarafan Radio" sometimes works much better than targeted advertising. But the disadvantages are serious: not all types of services and goods will be in demand, consumer solvency is lower, great power habit - people less willingly try new. There are several ideas for business from scratch, which may be useful to you in a small town:

  1. Key making point. For this business, a completely tiny room is suitable. About 100 thousand rubles will be required to buy machines.
  2. Kindergarten at home. Queues in state kindergartens are not news. And hire a nanny every family with a child is also obligated. Home kindergarten is a great output for everyone.
  3. Sale seedlings. In small towns there are a lot of horticulture and gardening lovers. In the season you can make decently selling seedlings. Seeds are inexpensive, cultivation conditions can be created at home.
  4. Shop women's clothing. Banal? But this is what is previously in demand.
  5. Fast food. Dumpnings, donoplets, kebabs, shawarma. Chefs do not need to hire, the room is needed small. The main thing is to find a good place!
  6. Cleaning. Not everyone can afford the housekeeper. At the same time, I don't want to spend the weekend on the general cleaning ... You need to find workers and investigate the "equipment" into the purchase.
What business is now relevant

What business is relevant now?

The crisis of 2020 made the most relevant business online. Therefore, when choosing ideas for business from scratch, you immediately think about both the "online version". If you donate your home kindergarten - take care of accounts in social networks and invent info products for parents, remote video links, some options that you can use if suddenly "Quarantine" comes again. If you open the Fastfud point, provide an opportunity for online order. It is important that you will end up you choose, you have to have an "enter online".

Like Center

Many novice entrepreneurs are asked: "Where to start a business?" Often the first steps are the most difficult due to the lack of knowledge and experience, but they should be done and not to give up their cherished dreams.

Where to start a business: 9 simple steps + from scratch + ideas + experience

How to start your business - 10 gold rules

There are several rules that will prompt how to open your business from scratch. :

  • Explore your capabilities and analyze the market;
  • Communicate with experienced entrepreneurs and take their recommendations for a note;
  • Do not open a business for funds deferred to other goals in your life (payments on loans, treatment, education of children, etc.);
  • Before opening your case, ask yourself a question: "What are you risking in case of failure?";
  • Do not associate with projects for which serious financial investments are needed;
  • Planning actions on paper and suggest each step to be done to achieve the goal;
  • If you have no experience, you should not be borrowed to open a business;
  • Start the matter in your niche familiar;
  • Get ready for any options for developing events, any script is possible. Nobody is insured against failures, but always configure success;
  • Do not stop, even if something does not work, be optimistic.

How to start a business - 9 main stages

Where to start a business: 9 simple steps + from scratch + ideas + experience

It's not easy to have my own business, at first he takes a lot of time, forcing the day to think about the realization of his own ideas. Therefore, before you think how to start a business, look at the following stages.

Stage 1. Determination of its value

Where to start a business: 9 simple steps + from scratch + ideas + experience

The person is most successful in the sphere that corresponds to his desires and interests. Therefore, it is worth choosing exactly the direction in which you can be more comfortable. An excellent idea arises at the junction of human needs and your interests. To understand how to open your business from scratch, honestly answer a number of questions. What are you ready to spend time? What causes the greatest interest?

At first glance it seems to determine the vocation is not difficult - this is what you do with great pleasure. For example, you like to build, write texts, engage in home or draw. How to come up with a business idea from scratch? Put a clear task come up with an idea and remember it every time. Your fantasy and extended horizons will help. The idea can come to the head spontaneously.

Stage 2. Market Analysis and Choosing a Niche of the Future Project

Where to start a business: 9 simple steps + from scratch + ideas + experience

To deal with how to start your business, it is worth carefully analyzing the market and decide on the niche. The advantage of choosing exactly its niche is that if a person is passionate about something, he tries to learn about this case as much as possible. For example, you like to care for animals, then it's easier to start a business from scratch for the sale of kittens. You know how to feed them, bathe, care products, etc.

If you have not chosen a niche, or set yourself the task to go to another standard of living in terms of finance, choose the direction in which a lot of money is rotated. It can be construction services, the sphere of trade or the sale of real estate. Competition, of course, does not lead to earn immediately and a lot.

However, the understandable habits of customers and the years accumulated scheme will allow the opportunity to start without intensifying something new. Becoming profit, you can hire the director and not to accept explicit participation in business. And free time will go to completely different tasks, for example, the launch of a new case.

Stage 3. Drawing up an action plan

Where to start a business: 9 simple steps + from scratch + ideas + experience

How to start your business? After selecting a business idea, you need to estimate everything in numbers, to determine the costs and income, and with the detail to a penny.

For example, in the trade in the main parts of the costs will be:

  • Rental premises
  • advertising
  • Purchase of products
  • Taxes
  • salary to employees.

All these figures should be reflected in the business plan. Moreover, take numbers not from the head, but to use those that are in the market today. Therefore, carefully examine the offers of goods suppliers.

All those who find on the Internet, specify the rates on the phone. Prices must be real. A properly compiled plan will help in implementing your idea and will give an answer to the question: how to open your business from scratch.

Compare prices at home and competitors. A clear plan is necessary in order to decide on the business model. Note that it should also include a marketing plan, according to which your product will be sold.

If errors are detected during the planning stage, then the model will be adjusted. This may happen if a competitor has a supplier of goods at better prices. At the planning stage, it is required to do everything so that business brings profit. Draw drawings and schemes with explanations. This is your instruction, following which the chances of success increase.

Stage 4. Marketing Studies

Where to start a business: 9 simple steps + from scratch + ideas + experience

To constantly make a profit, before opening, for example, a jewelry store, spend marketing research. Success is possible if:

  • Careful selection of goods;
  • Search for reliable suppliers (and it is better to work directly with the manufacturer, without intermediaries).

The key to the success of any business associated with sales is a competent choice of products. It is very important to understand what you need to buyer. From time to time the range should be changed. This is especially done before such holidays as the new year, March 8th, etc.

During this period of the year, people are interested in jewelry under clothes and shoes. Therefore, in the assortment there should be products of various shades and a stylist, which will allow you to choose the decoration for every taste and wardrobe.

It is impossible to approach the choice of goods from the standpoint of its quality and the price - it is important to realize what kind of demand he uses from buyers. Is it worth order from the supplier those or other product positions. Spend your own marketing research: Go shopping and analyze which positions of the goods are particularly in demand from buyers; Ask managers of your competitors and find out what is sold best.

Where to start a business: 9 simple steps + from scratch + ideas + experience

Think how to open your business from scratch , you can start your own business from the opening of one point of sale. If there is an extensive range of goods of the high price segment, 50 thousand $ will be required to open the trading point. If you focus on the middle and low price category of products, you can start from $ 30 thousand. This includes the cost of the opening of the SP, utilities, the furniture for the store, the purchase of products, salary to employees, rental of the premises.

Remember, sales depend on the location of the outlet. It should be in a crowded place. Metro Station, Stopping Public Transport, near the founded shopping and entertainment center - All this has an impact on the flow of visitors and, accordingly, sales.

By ordering jewelry from the manufacturer Wholesale, you can count on an extensive product range at a favorable value. Thanks to this approach, you can save well, and, by reducing the cost, acquire more products. At the same time, the final price for which the goods will be implemented will not allow to refuse such a profitable purchase.

Stage 5. Registration IP

Where to start a business: 9 simple steps + from scratch + ideas + experience

For those who thought how to create your business , in 97 cases out of 100, registering as an individual entrepreneur (IP). Under IP understand such a physical, which carries out entrepreneurship without the formation of JUR. Persons. It is responsible for its property and at the same time reports reporting on such grounds as legal entities, uses the profit in its intended purpose, conducts banking operations, but must also pay insurance premiums.

When creating an IP, it should be borne in mind that:

  • In the work experience, the entire period of IP activities is counted;
  • tax accounting is carried out under simplified scheme;
  • There may be any citizen over 18 years old with the exception of civil servants and servicemen;
  • can hire employees to work;
  • You can get not only a Russian citizen, but also a citizen of another country (it is necessary to have a RVP or a residence permit);
  • IP is responsible to creditors.

Distinctive features of the SP are as follows: I do not need a legal address, there is no need to open accounts in financial institutions, not required by authorized capital, simple registration of IP.

IMPORTANT! Without registration of a business, it is possible, except to put the goods in social networks and provide small household services. To make a business noticeable, it should be noticeable and tax service. Otherwise, risks are brought to justice for illegal activities.

Where to start a business: 9 simple steps + from scratch + ideas + experience

To register an IP, it is necessary to collect the following package of documents: statement by IP, receipt for the payment of state duty IP, activities, photocopy of the Russian passport. If you want to carry out activities on a simplified tax system, in addition to the documents listed above, it is worth writing an application for the use of USN. A week after passing the documentation package, you can get a registration certificate.

Document registration is a simple formality. Do not know how to do it? In all government instances where the registration of the IP is carried out, it is possible to approach and consult. Another option is to contact a specialized company, where you will be prompting how to open your business from scratch, and will help to arrange documents properly.

Stage 6. Advertising on the Internet

Where to start a business: 9 simple steps + from scratch + ideas + experience

If you know how to start your business ,And you have a suggestion of services, then it is time to search for customers. Explain your friends, relatives and acquaintances, informing them about what activities do. This will make the first contracts. If services are not relevant for them, ask the phone contacts of friends who can recommend you.

Site creation

Where to start a business: 9 simple steps + from scratch + ideas + experience

For the highest audience coverage, the best investment in the business is to create a website and promote it in the top 10 issue of search engines for specified key queries. However, without a thoughtful strategy, it is impossible to achieve positive results and get the maximum profit. Therefore, the main task is to determine the goals, everything else is only the means of achieving them.

The advantages of their own site are obvious:

  • business automation, the ability to unite with other tools to work with clients;
  • The possibility of interaction with the client personally;
  • Internet playground is available for users 24 \ 7;
  • Automation of customer service (warehouse, advertising, accounting, marketing, etc.);
  • Each visitors receive information about the firm necessary for him;
  • Simple and prompt change in the information on the website;
  • The possibility of collecting statistical data, the implementation of various marketing activities that are aimed at a thorough study of customers;

A competently selected set of advertising methods will effectively work on the promotion of your company in the global network. Convidence of this work, such as a specialized company, can ensure the solution of the following tasks: increasing the awareness of the brand, an increase in visibility in a global network, a significant increase in sales, an increase in the number of visitors.

Where to start a business: 9 simple steps + from scratch + ideas + experience

Today there are several types of web resources, we will list each of them:

  • Website business card . The main purpose is advertising. Consists of several pages and introduces visitors with your services. By ordering the creation of a website, you can get an advertising platform in the global network.
  • Singo-monitor - This is a web resource that consists of one page. It is usually used for presentation and / or selling any products or services.
  • Site firm - This is your personal manager who is able to spend an advertising campaign and accept an application.
  • Online store . Used as an additional outlet, which works for you 24 hours a day.

Let me learn about you thousands of users. Investments in creating your own site are investments in the development of your business, because such a resource is a source of informing your potential customers and partners, an effective way to attract visitors and, accordingly, an increase in sales of your goods and services.

Website promotion

Where to start a business: 9 simple steps + from scratch + ideas + experience

Website creation is only the first step towards success on the Internet. It still needs to be constantly promoted and improving, given all the factors that influence the success of the company. You should pay attention to the structure of the website and its graphic design. The final actions algorithm depends on the type of site and even from the time of year. It is necessary to develop a marketing strategy that is aimed at obtaining potential customers and increasing business profitability.

Always when there is a close cooperation with suppliers and other companions, the availability of a web resource is an excellent help for further expansion. It is necessary to promote the site in stages: definition of a resource promotion strategy, creating an extensive semantic kernel, filling with high-quality content, search engine optimization of the Internet site, promotion of a web resource to the top of search engines.

The process of promotion of the site is a difficult task that requires great practical experience and complete returns to the process. That is why for obtaining good results, you should contact the webmasters who have an impeccable reputation and know all the tricks of the successful promotion of the site.

contextual advertising

Where to start a business: 9 simple steps + from scratch + ideas + experience

When a person is looking for some product, he does not seek phone numbers and companies in the directory, but it comes to the Internet immediately and resorts to the help of search engines. Surely you paid attention to the statistics of any online resource, what about 80% of traffic goes from Google and Yandex search engines? All this is due to contextual advertising.

Contextual advertising is perhaps one of the most optimal tools for promoting business in the global network. Each such announcement sees a fairly wide Internet audience, which contributes to the promotion of your site. Professional advertising setup will be a guarantee of the promotion of your resource and the constant inflow of potential buyers.

The placement of contextual advertising in search engines makes the site popular - the ad is located above the list of searching for the search engine, thereby noticeably allocated among all competitors. If a person is looking for a certain product or service, then he clicks the mouse on the link of such an ad, and will no longer view the top issuing search engines.

Stage 7. Come on employees

Where to start a business: 9 simple steps + from scratch + ideas + experience

Thinking on how to start your business, remember, no successful business costs without hiring workers. Otherwise, it is the usual work on "uncle" or self-employment. Therefore, the question of the search for employees get up to each novice entrepreneur.

Successful frames contribute to increasing profits. Hence the question arises - how to seek people. You can view ads, search for relatives and acquaintances. The principle of selection is of great importance. A team of real professionals is needed. Make conclusions after checking a person in work. To evaluate the level of professionalism, sometimes it is quite half an hour or a few days. A trial period is given to understand you need such an employee or not.

The higher the human qualifications, the greater the wages. Starting business from scratch, every penny on the account, so such an article of expenses is better to miss. Hire employee with a piece of labor. Often to such conditions agree performers or sales managers. For example, if your profile is the installation of metal-plastic windows, then the installers can pay the percentage of the order value.

You want a person to work in good faith, but the salary is not an option for you, take it in a business in business. With such conditions, the employee will have motivation to work on the result. For example, he will receive 10% of the profits of the entire company. Be sure to make all the nuances.

Motivation is 96% of success! Believe in it and "Charge" by this faith of the staff. It will support them and affect profits.

Stage 8. Business promotion from scratch

Where to start a business: 9 simple steps + from scratch + ideas + experience

Business promotion is further expansion and not always advertising. Many believe that his own business can make a profit without making efforts to progress. This opinion is mistaken. For example, if you open a store on the market, then people will notice a trading point, go and buy something. However, revenues will barely cover costs. There is no competitors on the market and without promotion at the stages of the existence of a business. You will not attract buyers, which means no profit not to see.

In promotion of business, many components that are reduced by the Unified - satisfaction of customers' needs. Inform people about the opening of the store will help advertising. Analyze that you need people and be sure to do it. Maybe they want to participate in various promotions, get products quickly, low cost or with home delivery. Analyze, try various methods of promotion in your field. Doing the emphasis on advertising, compare the various options: Internet, outdoor advertising, television, newspapers, etc. Find highly efficient advertising methods and emphasize their attention.

Stage 9. Analysis of the results

Where to start a business: 9 simple steps + from scratch + ideas + experience

At this stage, you can say clearly: business ideas from scratch justified all expectations. You get profit, the base of regular customers has been formed. Now it has come to summarize and setting further business development goals.

Tip: Whatever type of activity you choose, do not forget to invest in business development and constantly analyze the results. This will avoid many mistakes.

Let's sum up

Now you know, how to open your business from scratch . Showing persistence and smelting, you will certainly wait for success. Down with all fears. Believe in yourself and everything will turn out. Taking the basis of these simple 9 stages, the opening of his own business will turn into an interesting and fascinating journey, which, after time, will begin to bring good profits.

"In baseball, as in business, there are three types of people: those who are simply watching what is happening; Those who are creating what is happening and those who are surprised is what it happens. " It said the famous coach Tommy Lasoud. And what type of people are you?

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