How to remove account in classmates

Most users create a profile immediately in all popular social. networks, then try each of them and choose the one that more liked. Then the accounts in others are not needed, they can be deleted. Consider detailed instructions, how to remove a profile in classmates on different devices.

From a computer

To remove the account forever in classmates through the version of the site for the PC, you must perform a number of simple actions:

  1. Go to and Log in .
  2. Open the Additional Menu , for this, the wheel of the mouse drop a little down page, and find on the right item "More" Click on it.
  3. A few points will appear, you need "Regulations" Select it and click left mouse button.
  4. A page with a current license agreement will open.
  5. You can read it, but it is not necessary to do it. Run down and click on the link "Refuse services" .
  6. A window will appear on the screen where you should choose the reason why you want to stop using OK, enter the password and click the button "Delete" .

After that, the profile will be unavailable to view by other users. However, it will forever be deleted after 90 days, until this point you can restore it, if necessary.

Another way:

  1. Log in in classmates.
  2. Follow the link
  3. Run down and click "Refuse services" .
  4. Select the cause, enter the password and click "Delete" .

Before deactivating the profile, do not forget to check the dialogues for the presence of important data, also view the gallery, maybe there are important photos or video. In extreme cases, the profile can be returned within three months and save the necessary data.

From the phone

Now very popular visits to social networks from mobile devices. Developers created a mobile browser version of the site, as well as a client for Android and iOS, consider removing the profile on the phone in each case.

Through browser

For deactivation of the account forever on a smartphone or tablet through a browser version of the social network, it is necessary:

  1. Go to and logged out there.
  2. Spend your finger from left to right To call the menu.
  3. Go down and choose item "Full version of the site" .
  4. The same site will open as on the computer, use social. The network will become uncomfortable.
  5. Under the main menu, find the section "Still" And tap on it with your finger.
  6. Choose "Regulations" .
  7. Go down to the bottom On the page that opens.
  8. Tap on the inscription "Refuse…" .
  9. Choose the cause from the proposed and enter password .
  10. Tap the button "Delete" .

If you could not open the "More" menu, then in the browser on your mobile phone, you log in to classmates on your mobile phone, then follow the link = odmqnagcvelqyhslbzq0qhqreqqrgbrxadgfsa and do the steps 6 to 10 pillage.

The profile will become inaccessible to others, however, will finally be deleted only after 90 days, until then, it can be restored.

Android app

Most often, users attend classmates through the official client on smartphones or tablets. Alas, but the application does not have a client removal function. but You can close the profile This option is in the profile settings:

  1. Swipe right Call the menu.
  2. Go to Settings .
  3. Choose "Profile Settings" .
  4. Run down and select "Close profile" .
  5. Tap the button "Yes" To confirm.

Note that the option is paid, with its help you can fully close access to your page for other persons. No one can write you messages, view posts, photos and videos. The function contains the settings where you can choose exactly what to hide and from whom.

IPhone application

On the smartphones from Apple, the IOS operating system is installed, for it a separate version of the client has been created, however, It does not contain a profile removal function . The only thing that can be done is to close the account from other users thanks to this option, the user chooses to whom and what information from his page will be available:

  1. Run the application and call Swipe menu to the right .
  2. Open "Settings" .
  3. Go to section "Profile Settings" .
  4. There, below, poke your finger to the item "Close profile" .
  5. Tap the button "Yes" To confirm the action.

The function is not free, with rates you can find on the official website. After activation, you can remove the opportunity for other people to write you messages, browse your profile and so on.

How many days a page is deleted

After any device, the user does not delete the page, it is completely Deactivated in 90 days. The profile disappears from the search, becomes invisible to other users, but it can be restored.

If you forgot the username and password

You can delete forever profile via support service, this method is suitable if the user has lost access to its account:

  1. Open the site
  2. In the upper right corner, tap on the inscription "Help" .
  3. Expand section "How to contact support" .
  4. Click on the link "Here" .
  5. A window will appear Appeals.
  6. In section "Topic of the appeal" Choose "Delete Profile" .
  7. Click on the button "I have another question" .
  8. In section "E-mail for feedback" Specify the email address.
  9. In section "Profile Information" Select that you remember your account: id, login, mail and so on.
  10. In section "Test text" Describe the situation in detail.
  11. When everything is filled, click "Send an appeal" .


After that, expect when the support service contacts you through the specified email address. Agents can ask additional questions, it may be necessary to confirm that you are the owner of the account.

Each "OK" user can delete its profile at any time. This will also entail the destruction of all personal data, photographs and messages from the service. In the future, the profile can be restored back, but only during the first 90 days from the moment of removal, as well as the availability of the number to which the account was recorded.


There are many options in "OK" with which the user can limit access to its page for specific people. There is also a special paid feature that allows you to hide the page from the view of other users without deleting the account itself. This can help those who want to just restrict access to their personal data, but at the same time still wants to remain in OK.

How to remove a page in Odnoklassniki on a computer?

To proceed to the removal process, you first need to go to the site

Next, you need to scroll down the page down and find the links to sections with the "mobile version", "advertising" and "help" at the end of the left block. Under them there will be a button with a pop-up context menu "More", where you need to choose the "Regulation" section.

After that, the user enters the page with a license agreement with which each social network participant automatically agrees when creating its new page.

All license agreement you just need to scroll down. At the end there are two links: "contact support" and "refuse services". You must select the second link.

After that, a new window will appear, where the service will ask the user to note those reasons due to which he wants to delete his page:

  • Due to bad design and large prices;
  • Due to the hacking page by attackers;
  • To create a new page;
  • Due to leaving all social networks;
  • Due to the transition to another service.

At the same time, the user may notice several points at once. Also, to delete the page, you will need to enter the password from it in the field below. After that, you can click on the Delete button.


In this window, the Social Network administration warns the user that it can back to restore its page only during the next 90 days, after which it will be permanently removed.

After deleting the page, the user will simply redirected to the main page of the site.

How to remove a page in "Odnoklassniki" on the phone?

Unfortunately, remove your profile in Odnoklassniki from the phone in the application or via the mobile version of the site is impossible, since the developers removed this option for the sake of user security. Therefore, before removing your page in "Odnoklassniki" from the phone, you must first get on the full version of the site. To do this, you need to go to the site through the browser and call the menu when you click on the button in the upper left corner of the screen.

The menu must scroll to the end and select the link to the "full version of the site" in the "Other" section.

If the system asks about which application you need to use to go on the link, you should select your browser.

After entering the full version of Odnoklassniki, you need to go to the "Help" section in the lower left corner of the page.

On the page that opens, you need to go to the "My Profile" section.

In the window that opens, you need to go to the "Basic Settings" section.

Next, you need to click on the question "How to delete your profile?".

In the list that opens, click on the link in the second paragraph.

After that, the user will fall on the page with the license agreement.

Under this text there are two links: "Contact support" and "refuse services". To delete the page you need to go over the second link.

Next, you need to choose the reason for deleting your page, enter the password from it and confirm your solution by pressing "delete".

Restoring Page and Additional Questions

If, after deleting a page in "Odnoklassniki", the user will want to restore it back, it can simply go to the website and select "Register".

In the window that opens, he needs to dial the same number that was used to register a remote page and click on the "Next" button.

After that, he needs to confirm his identity, specifying a special code that should come by SMS to the specified phone number, and click on the "Next" button.

In the next window, the service will notify the user that the account with this number already exists. To restore the old profile, you need to click on the button "Yes, this is my profile."

The system will also ask the user to come up with a new password for his page.

If there are any difficulties and additional questions regarding the removal of your profile in "Odnoklassniki", the user can contact the technical support service.

What you need to know before removing

If you made a subscription to music in Odnoklassniki, cancel it, otherwise the service will continue to make money. On Android, this can be done in the Google Play application: Open the Side Menu of the Program and select the "Subscriptions" section. If you have iOS, go to the system settings, click on the profile name, then to the "Subscription" item.

After deleting the page, you can restore it for 90 days, but only if the phone number was tied to your profile. After this period, all account data will be immaturely disappeared.

How to delete a page in Odnoklassniki

The official instruction on the site "Odnoklassniki" recommends removing a profile on a PC. Therefore, theoretically developers can disable this feature on tablets and smartphones. If you can't get to the removal menu from your mobile device, try doing it on your computer.

1. Enter your account on the site "Odnoklassniki".

How to delete a page in Odnoklassniki: Enter your account

If you still use a smartphone or tablet, the social network application will not suit. Log in to the site Odnoklassniki via Mobile Browser, click on the service logo and select the "full version of the site" at the bottom of the side menu. Further actions on the computer and mobile device will be the same.

2. Click "Help" under the side menu of the account.

How to remove a profile in Odnoklassniki: click "Help"

3. Through the search, find the section "How to delete your profile?".

Find the section "How to delete your profile?" in "Odnoklassniki"

4. Open this section and click on the link in the second list item. If you did not find the desired partition, try entering the address o in the browser .

How to remove a profile in Odnoklassniki: click on the link in the second paragraph

5. Scroll to the end the license agreement and click "abandon the services".

How to remove a page in Odnoklassniki: click "Refuse services"

6. In the menu that appears, specify any reason for deleting, enter the password from your profile and click Delete.

How to remove a profile in Odnoklassniki: Click "Delete"

Some social network users sometimes interest how to remove the page in classmates (forever or temporarily). The reasons for this can be a lot: the interest in communication is missing, a personal profile hacked or a desire to register a new account appeared. Deleting a page is a simple procedure for which you do not need special skills. But some users cannot close the personal account, due to the knowledge of the simple algorithm. Remove the "My Page" profile in different ways: through the phone and mobile phone.

Social network classmates - how to delete a page?

How to remove a page in classmates quickly and forever

On the Internet there are many entertainment applications that use people of different ages, character and interests. The most popular and demanded social network is classmates. It provides users with many features.

Advantages of Internet applications

Classmates are popular thanks to numerous advantages. So the main advantages of the social network can be attributed:

  • simplicity, speed recording account;
  • Search for classmates, classmates, friends;
  • Communication with people of different ages;
  • subscription to affordable interest groups;
  • Photo, video, music, clips, movies - available at any time;
  • You can raise an assessment, send a friendly sticker or emoticon;
  • Delicious recipes available for recording in the tape, for this you just need to deliver like or share;
  • The sheet, which can be enjoying, preparing food, making cleaning;
  • You can share with your friends, relatives a significant event.

This is not all the advantages of the social network. Their more, in classmates there are many interesting games, applications that are available throughout the day. You can always communicate with interesting people, read comments.

Cons of social network

The deficiencies of the application are several. The main problem is technical support. Due to bulky software, high quality graphics, the social network works more slowly than VKontakte. People who use the quick Internet this drawback is rare, but for those who have less than 1 Mbit / s traffic is a problem.

Another significant minus is a bad study of groups. Promote your product, the brand is hard enough. But the administration works in this direction and tries to catch up with Facebook, VKontakte and Instragram.

How to remove a personal profile in classmates forever: detailed instructions

How to Disable Remove Page in Odnoklassniki

Close the page of the user through the mobile version of the application or OK.RU. But you can use the full version of the site.

How to remove a profile through the smartphone

From the mobile, it is inconvenient to close your personal profile, but if there is no computer or laptop at hand, you can try. This will help a step-by-step instruction:

  1. From the mobile phone to go to the address -
  2. The application of the mobile version of the social network opens.
  3. Log in by entering a login and password.
  4. Menu will open, three horizontal lines in the upper right corner.
  5. Below in the opening window, click "full version".
  6. Go to the address -

You can again open a page on the smartphone with a description and go on the link yourself, indicating "".

  1. At the bottom of the page, click on the item "Refusal of Services". Everything is written with small letters, you will have to work hard.

It is better to turn on a large scale by pressing simultaneously with two fingers on the mobile phone display and move in different directions.

  1. Slide the plus side opposite the reasons for cancellation of a personal profile, specifying the current access code by clicking "Delete". The closed page can be restored for 3 months.

At the end of the procedure, the system will translate the user to the main page of the social network "Odnoklassniki".

How to close a profile in classmates from a computer

How to close your personal profile in classmates from a computer

Deactivate your personal profile is easier from a tablet or laptop. To do this, go to the site classmates and perform the following actions:

  1. Go on the official website at the address -
  2. At the bottom of the window that opened the window to click on the item "Refusal of the Services provided".
  3. Choose the reason for the closure of a personal profile on classmates and opposite item to put a tick.
  4. Enter the actual access code, click "Delete". You can restore access to the closed account on the social network for 3 months or the profile will be removed without refund.
  5. At the end of the procedure, the system will automatically translate to the main page of the site.

After closing the personal account attached to it, the phone number and email cannot be used in a new profile for 90 days. You just have to wait a bit and after 3 months the user will be able to use personal data on another page.

How to close old profile in classmates

How to close old profile in classmates

Some users for a long time without using the social network, forget the login and password. But you can delete the page here following a simple instruction:

  1. Go to the site at
  2. In the window that opened, click on the item "Another question". With this form, the social network user can contact technical support.
  3. In the next step, specify the necessary question category.
  4. I want to close the account - if there is no mail, password, login from the profile.
  5. Delete the page from which the request is sent is if there is no email, code-access code, login, but the user is authorized.

If there is access to the personal page, the support service specialist will contact the user. If it is not authorized, you will have to fulfill a number of other actions.

Close your account, if there is no password, login and user is not authorized

If you can not go to the site, and you need to delete the old profile, select the question "Delete another page". Specify the account of the account and the electronic to which messages from technical support will be reported. But the user will have to confirm that this is really his personal profile. To do this, take pictures against the background of the official website of the social network, send to the technician.

Information After removing the page will be stored for 3 months, then the account will be completely closed.

How to go to the site classmates

How to remove a page in classmates from a computer and phone

You can enter a personal page in the presence of code-access and personal information, it is possible to log without registration, login and password.

Authorization on the Login and Code Site

On the main page of classmates there is a special form for registering users and entrance to the account. If there is already a page, you just need to specify personal information in a specially designated field, click "go". To constantly not specify the password and login at each occasion in the account you can put a tick opposite the stitch "Remember".

Important! You can not put a tick in classmates if the user comes to the social network site with someone else's laptop or computer. Otherwise, personal information will be available to third parties.

Entrance to classmates without login

View another profile on the social network without registration on the site. To do this, specify a link to the user of classmates in the address bar. For example, if there is a reference consisting of the address of the social network and the identifier of another account - The user is not authorized, but without it he gets access to information located on other pages. You can see when a person came in the last time on the site, photo, friends.

Important! If someone offers to take advantage of a special program for accessing the profile without registration, carefully: these are fraudsters who just earn money on it.

Login to Social Networks without a password

You can access a personal page without code. You can go into classmates through other social networks, e-mail mail: VKontakte, Facebook, Google, Inef. The system will ask to confirm authorization through other social networks, and the user will automatically access its profile.

How to close your personal account in the mobile application of classmates

Many users do not enjoy the full version of the site. Most enter the personal page through the mobile device.

How to close a profile in the social network forever

Delete your profile is better from the official site. Close the account from the smartphone forever in the mobile application can not be. Creators of classmates did not provide for such software. You can delete a personal page only through a mobile phone browser. Developers have created special versions for iPhones and Androids.

How to remove a personal profile from a smartphone

To close the page in classmates through a mobile phone or tablet browser, you need to perform a number of simple actions. Namely:

  1. Go to the address -
  2. Call the menu by spending your finger on the right side.
  3. Go down the page and select subparagraph "full version of the social network."
  4. The same page will open, as in the laptop, to use it very uncomfortable.
  5. Under the menu is the item "More", click on it.
  6. Go to the "Social Network Regulation".
  7. In the window that opens, go down.
  8. Click "Refuse the Services provided."
  9. Find the cause, refusal to use the site, specify access code.
  10. Click "Delete Personal Account".

If it was not possible to reveal the item "Even, then through the mobile phone browser should be logged in to the social network and go to the address -, follow the instructions from 6 to 10 pitch.

My page will become closed for other users, but the information is finally deleted only after 3 months, until this time, access to the account can be restored.

Deleting a personal profile from android

Users most often come to their page in classmates through the client on tablets or mobile devices. But, the application does not have a personal profile closure feature. But, in the settings of the page, it is provided:

  • call the social network menu;
  • go to the profile settings;
  • Click "Settings";
  • descend down, "close the account";
  • Confirm your decision.

The option is provided on a paid basis, delete the page will not work. But the information will not be available to other persons. No one can view photos, video, comments, send notifications. In the settings, you can choose what exactly needs to be hidden from other users.

Removal profile in classmates with iOS

On mobile devices, the iPhone has a special operating system, it has developed a separate version of the client, but it does not provide an option for canceling a personal page. The only thing that the user can take is to hide profile from other people. This feature allows you to select which data and from whom to close them:

  • Enable the application, go to the menu;
  • go to the profile settings;
  • go to the opening window;
  • Below to choose "Close Personal Account";
  • Confirm the decision.

The service is provided for a fee, you can find out the cost of the option on the official website of classmates. After turning on the function, other people will not be able to watch the page, write messages. Access can be opened only to your favorites.

How to remove a personal profile in the mobile version of the social network

To cancel the account, the user needs to go from the mobile version of classmates to the official website. Next, follow step by step instructions:

  1. Go to the mobile version of the popular social network -
  2. Login, specifying login, code-access.
  3. Go to the menu by clicking on the icon with the image in the upper left corner.
  4. Go to subparagraph "Computer version of the site."
  5. In the window that opens, confirm the actions performed by clicking "Go".
  6. In the left menu, located on the side below, under the advertising information, click "More".
  7. Choose subparagraph "Policy and Agreements".
  8. Go to the page of the official site "Licensed Policy", you can use the reference. The button is sometimes inactive.
  9. Click the item "Refuse the Site Services provided" at the bottom of the Regulations. On smartphones, she is small, you have to try to find it.
  10. Choose the cause of cancellation of the personal page in social networks.
  11. Specify code access to perform operation.
  12. Click "Delete".

To delete a mobile application from a smartphone, you must click on the image icon located on the working display. Send it to the basket. All mobile version on the phone is removed.

Restore access to the personal page through a mobile phone and mail

If the user after removing a personal profile in classmates changed his mind, it can always activate the account. But only if no more than 90 days passed after removing the page, the active email or phone number is tied to it.

To restore access to personal profile in classmates you need:

  1. Go to the account recovery page -
  2. Select a way to gain access - through electronic or mobile phone.
  3. Enter topical information.
  4. Wait when an email or mobile phone will receive a profile recovery code.
  5. Enter it on the site in a special field.
  6. Follow the account recovery instructions.

Access to personal account restored. Now the user can go to the page. But if the relevant email, a mobile phone, the recovery is not attached to the remote profile, and the recovery is completed. If after 3 months access does not restore access, then the account will be finalized, you will have to register a new profile for further use of the services.

Official Social Network site

The user can see the profile visitors in the Guests section. Actions performed on the site: Publication of photos, videos, comments, receiving messages from friends familiar. If necessary, the user can take advantage of the interesting "invisible" function. It allows anonymously to go to other pages so that no one recognizes, the identity of the visitor.

The main purpose of classmates - Communication, Entertainment:

  • various games;
  • watch movies, video, listening to music;
  • Organization of groups, thematic communities.

Odnoklassniki occupy a place after social network Vkontakte. Major users - older people, women and girls who are provided to different opportunities.

You can go to the profile directly at the address - from a computer or laptop. To take advantage of the mobile version of the application, you will have to follow the link -

There are other useful addresses for deleting a page or restore access to a personal profile:

  • Account deactivation from the mobile version -;
  • Refusal from the service provided by the site -;
  • Delete profile through the official website -;
  • Authorization on the network via a smartphone browser -;
  • Restoring access to the remote profile -

Classmates allow you to communicate, have fun to users at a convenient time. To do this, just need to register a page and use the services, the capabilities of the official social network site.

Technical Support Service

Classmate support service allows you to solve many problems. If you can not open the full version of the social network site, you can ask the question of interest to a specialist at any convenient time. To do this, follow a simple instruction (if the user uses a mobile application):

  • перейти из меню в пункт «Помощь»;
  • выбрать вопрос «Обратиться в техслужбу поддержки Одноклассников»;
  • в раскрывшемся окошке перейти на пункт «Цель обращения в техническую службу поддержки», выбрать интересующий вопрос, например «Удаление/восстановление личного аккаунта пользователя», в теме указать – «Закрытие профиля или восстановление доступа к деактивированной странице»;
  • отправить обращение специалисту.

Important! Если у личного аккаунта нет привязанного действующего номера мобильного телефона, восстановить страницу на протяжении 3-х месяцев – не получиться. Воспользоваться им невозможно в течение 90 дней, если человек захочет открыть другой профиль, ему придется подождать некоторое время.

Техническая служба поддержки предоставляет и другие ответы по темам: безопасность, проблемы с играми, просмотр фото/видеофильмов, взлом аккаунта другими лицами. При возникновении проблемной ситуации нужно просто обратиться к специалисту, перейдя по ссылке –

Удалить личную страницу в социальной сети Одноклассники, через мобильное устройство, планшет, ноутбук или компьютер можно, только нужно понимать, через 3 месяца доступ к профилю будет закрыт навсегда. Для восстановления доступа обязательно потребуется действующий номер телефона или электронной почты. Через Андроид или Айфон деактивировать страницу нельзя, ее можно только скрыть от других пользователей. Но услуга платная.

Отзывы пользователей

Мы всегда рады вашим комментариям, делитесь своим мнение, рассказывайте об интересной информации о социальной сети Одноклассники. Ваши отзывы помогут другим пользователям в решении разных вопросов. У нас можно ознакомиться и с комментариями других людей, столкнувшихся с проблемами при удалении, восстановлении аккаунта в Одноклассниках.

Многие пользователи задаются вопросом о том, как удалить страницу в Одноклассниках. На самом деле ответ на него не так прост, как кажется на первый взгляд. В данной статье подробно рассмотрены все аспекты полного и временного удаления аккаунта в социальной сети, а также даны инструкции по восстановлению стертой странички.

Как удалить профиль в Одноклассниках

Социальная сеть Одноклассники имеет встроенный механизм удаления профиля. Все действия в нем довольно логичны, поэтому у пользователя не должно возникнуть никаких трудностей.

Справка! Как и в других социальных сетях, администрация ОК ревностно следит за своей аудиторией, стараясь не только сохранить, но и увеличить ее численность. Именно поэтому система предлагает убрать профиль из зоны видимости. Это позволяет оградить себя от навязчивого внимания без удаления аккаунта. Данная опция предоставляется на платной основе.

Если решение ликвидировать учётку всё же было принято, нужно действовать так:

  • С компьютера в новой вкладке браузера открыть сайт ОК и зайти в свою анкету.
  • Перейти по ссылке Здесь находится лицензионное соглашение (Регламент).
  • Пролистать соглашение вниз экрана до гиперссылки «Отказаться от услуг». Кликнуть по ней.

How to remove a page in classmates 1-min

  • В диалоговом окне отметить причину, по которой юзер хочет заморозить личную страницу. В соответствующем поле ввести пароль от аккаунта и подтвердить свои действия, нажав на кнопку «Удалить».

How to remove a page in classmates 2-min

Внимание! Удаление страницы может полностью стереть не только сам профиль, но и фотографии, комментарии, обсуждения, группы и достижения в играх.

Restoring remote page

The answer to the question: "If you destroy the page, can it be restored?" Depends immediately from several factors:

  • From the moment of removal, 90 days passed;
  • The current phone number is attached to the profile.

If at least one of these conditions is not respected, the account removal is carried out without recovery, that is, forever.

Step-by-step account return looks like this:

  • On the main page of the site to find the "Registration" button. Press it.
  • In the appropriate text field, write a phone number that is tied to the account.

How to delete a page in classmates 3-min

  • Perform the steps specified in the manual that appears.

How to Delete Page in Odnoklassniki 4-min

These actions help quickly and absolutely free to return even a page hacked page.

What does the remote page look like in ok

If a person decided to leave the social network, he should know how his page will look after removal. It completely disappears all personal information: photos and pictures, music, videos, comments, dialogues with other users, etc. List some differences of the remote page from hidden:

  • The inscription "this page is not on the site" says that the account was deleted forever, and all information about it is erased from the database. Maybe the user decided to clean the old and create a new page. In addition, this inscription appears in cases where the questionnaire has not yet been registered.
  • If the user name is displayed on the page, and all other data is not available, it means that the owner has established a restrictions on viewing a profile through a section with privacy settings.

Remove from ok for a while

The algorithm described above allows you to temporarily remove from classmates, and then restore the created page by returning all photos, groups and other files. The main thing is that from the moment the removal has not passed three months, and at hand there was a telephone with the number specified in the profile.

Thus, if you decide to leave Odnoklassniki, you can now experience all the instructions described above. But first, appreciate all the risks associated with the irrevocable loss of valuable information.

Before removing the page in Odnoklassniki forever, think twice, because to return to the social network, you will have to register a new account. Re-fill all graphs with personal data, download media files and so on. If you still decided on this step, then you read on how to completely remove my page in classmates. The article presents all ways to remove the profile that can be used from the personal computer.

Also on our website in the neighboring sections, you will learn how to delete a page in classmates from the phone and a lot of other useful information for OK. In addition, you can watch the video on how to remove the page in classmates.

The first method: how to remove the page in classmates through the regulations

Let's start with the most common method. For him, you will not need absolutely nothing but the browser with the Internet and access to the site approx. To remove a page in classmates with this method, clearly follow the instructions provided:

  • First go to the main screen of the social network. Not necessarily your personal profile is the main thing to be on the OK website;

  • Scroll through the mouse wheel or strip side of the site page at the bottom until it stops. At the end of the page you will see 5 columns with the sections that are available on the site. This is done for quick access, bypassing the basic interface of classmates, in the right column, find the word regulations and click on it;

  • On the loading page you will see a rather long list of rules that are installed by the administration. If you wish, you can familiarize yourself with it, but at the moment we are interested in the very end of the page;

  • After the regulation is the link "Refuse services". Here is the support button to support support;

  • Before removing classmates, you will need to mention the cause of care from OK. Choose the one you are going to abandon OK services;

  • Next is the warning of the administration that you lose touch with your friends until you return or do not register the second questionnaire;
  • With agreement with the previous paragraph, enter the password from the profile to the corresponding field;
  • After that, press the removal button.

Ready! Now you know how to remove the questionnaire in classmates. If you have noticed, before deleting there is a message that you can restore this profile within 90 days from the moment of deletion. To irrevocably destroy the profile, you must wait for the end of the allotted period, after which the profile is automatically removed from the system. So you can lose your questionnaire in ok without the possibility of restoring access to it. More information about how to restore the page in classmates, you will find a separate instruction in the next section.

Second method: how to delete all personal data

To quickly and easily remove all personal information from your profile, you must use the service settings. In them, you can also erase all the information in your account, or hide it from prying eyes. At the same time, you can use all the capabilities of ok: sit in pictures, music, watch videos, etc. Only no one will know about activity in your profile. Consider step by step as you can delete the page in classmates forever the second method:

  • Download OK profile from any browser;

  • Click on the "still" button to call the context menu;

  • Next, click "Settings";

  • You will appear in front of you with all the settings OK. Click on the "Privacy" item;

  • Put all the marks in the Count "Only I" and click the "Save" button. Now your profile will not be visible on the Internet to anyone except you. If you wish, you can show personal information to individual people.

Now consider the third option, as you can completely delete your page in classmates.

Third Method: URL code

Many are interested in the answer to the question of whether it is possible to remove the page in classmates with the URL line currently? A little earlier, the social network users had the opportunity to remove classmates for free for free by inserting two URL codes to the browser address line. Let's consider two options in more detail.

First code:

Second code:

Unfortunately, these methods (URL) remove the page in classmates in 2016 will not be released. Developers disabled this feature. However, in the future, she can come in handy again, so save it.

Now you know how to completely remove the old page in classmates. With these step-by-step descriptions with the photo on how to remove the page in classmates correctly, this procedure does not take you more pairs of minutes.

How many days ago the page in classmates is removed?

If you do not decide to restore your profile, then after 90 calendar days your data will be erased forever. This condition concerns all listed removal methods.

Also on our site you will find material on how to retire from classmates if you forgot the username and password.