How quickly and just check the connected paid services on the phone.

Quite often, users appeal to me with a request to find out where money from the balance of the phone disappears. "You are a programmer , for you to spit it once, "say girls from accounting. Well, I, than to explain that this is not my direction at all, it's easier to take and figure out. Especially since I know how quickly and just check the connected Paid services on the phone .

1. MTS. On the phone you need to type the command * 152 * 2 #And click the challenge. A few minutes later, the usual SMS message must come to the phone, in which all connected services will be painted. It is convenient that the prices for services are immediately indicated in the message.

2. MegaFon. Everything is just just. We recruit on the phone * 583. #And press the challenge. The SMS message will also be on the phone in which all connected services will be listed. Next to the service name is the code that you want to dial to shut down.

3. Beeline. We enter the command on the phone * 110 * 09 #And press the challenge. As usual information about connected paid services will go into the SMS message. Disable unnecessary services can be immediately using a response SMS message.

4. Tele2. You can check the connected services using the command. * 153. #And the call button . Do not forget to check and paid Subscriptions : * 189. #and challenge . The answer about the status of connected services will be received as an SMS message.

Check connected paid services is best regular, as many operators love "Random" connect paid services Or without warning to make free paid. Perhaps you will be interested: Why I press the SHIFT key when you start the computer 💻. If you like the article, boldly press "thumb up" 👍 and subscribe to my channel "About women's computers "

Companies providing mobile communications today offer subscribers a huge amount of diverse services. Some of them are not included in the tariff plan, and for them you need to pay separately, in addition to the usual subscription fee. So regret, competition and the desire to extract additional profits pushes these companies for not very honest steps towards their subscribers. A fairly common practice is to connect paid services without notifying the user. This leads to a more rapid than usual, the exhaustion of the mobile account and the need to constantly replenish it without visible reasons.

In order to find out where your money goes, it follows from time to time to check if you have no unnecessary paid services.

How to find out if paid services are connected on MTS?

MTS has provided several ways to receive information to subscribers about which services are connected to the number, which of them are paid and remove extra funds from your account:

- Set of a short number * 152 * 2 # and subsequent pressing the call button, after which you will receive an SMS with a list of all paid services;

- Set of a short number * 152 # and the subsequent keystroke, after which you will find yourself in the menu of the connected services where you need to select the appropriate paragraph;

- Registration B. "Internet assistant" MTS, where you can see a list of connected services in the section "Tariffs, services and discounts" With the help of the team "Service Management" ;

- Call to Call Center by number 0890. where you will read a list of connected services of a paid nature and can help disable unnecessary ones if necessary.

How to find out connected paid services in biline?

There is nothing easier than to find out what paid services are connected on your room Beeline and for which you monthly give a round sum. For this you can:

- Use the voice menu by number 0611. and follow the prompts (different paragraphs are intended for this);

- dial short number USSD menu * 110 * 09 # and wait for SMS with a list of free and paid services;

- go to "Personal Area" on the official website Beeline and check the list of connected services; - Call technical support by number 0622. , wait for the response of a call center employee and learn all the information you are interested in.

How to find out what paid services are connected in a megaphone?

All paid services connected to your MegaFon number can be found in one of the following simple ways:

- Send a request to USSD to the number * 505 # - all activated services will be listed in the response message;

- Send SMS to quick communication 5051. and wait for the response message with the list of connected services;

- Call the call center and ask the connected services by number 0500. but you need to prepare for a long expectation of a compound with a free operator;

- Go to your personal account on the official website of MegaFon, using "Service Guide" , and see there a complete list of existing services.

With these methods, you can not only check which services are connected to your room, but also disconnect those that you do not need.

How to find out if paid services are connected to the tele2 operator?

Mobile tele2 operator prepared for its subscribers standard ways to check the list of connected paid services. You can:

- Score a short USSD request * 153 # and send a call, after which you expect messages with a list of paid services connected on this issue;

- go to Personal Area And to see what services you are connected, in the appropriate section.

How to find out connected paid services in Rostelecom?

If you are a Rostelecom subscriber, then you can for clarifying all the operator services connected on a fee, use the following ways:

- go to your Personal Area On the website of the company Rostelecom, where you can not only see the list of services, but also disable extra or connect those that you need; - Call your reference call center through the number 8 (800) 10-00-800 and in the process of communicating with the operator to learn all the details of your list of paid services;

- Ploy to the office of the company and find out what paid services you are connected, directly from the company's employee.

All of the above methods are completely free, and the use of any of them will not cost you a penny.

Sometimes it is a feeling that the mobile score recently replenished, and the money has already ended. It is not known where the money we recently put.

To do this, you need to know exactly what paid services you are connected, since the operators can often connect everything themselves and not to notify the number owner. These services, if you do not need them, you can turn off.

Find out which paid services are connected to the number, you can very quickly in several ways.

All under control: how to quickly find out what paid services are connected on the phone number

Call Operator

The first way is to call the operator, and it will inform what services are connected and how much they cost. But you need to demand from the operator so that it clearly formulate when this service is connected, how much money it removes how often.

If you were not notified of this, you should urgently require disable these services. So mobile operators are trying to pull out of us as much money as possible.

All under control: how to quickly find out what paid services are connected on the phone number

Personal Area

The second way is to install your operator application on your mobile phone. What your tariff plan is displayed there, all the services of this tariff: Mobile Internet, minutes for calls around the country and to other countries.

But there is also a type of service that are not included in your tariff plan, and they are connected by operators, often without your consent.

In the All Services tab you will see you are connected. These can be different SMS messages associated with weather, horoscope, news and many other functions.

All under control: how to quickly find out what paid services are connected on the phone number

USSD request

Third way Take advantage of the USSD team:

  • Megaphone. You need to dial the * 583 # command on the phone and click the call button. A SMS message will go to the phone where all connected services will be listed. There also indicate the code with which you can turn off unnecessary services.
  • MTS. We recruit the request * 152 * 2 # on the phone and press the call button. The phone will come SMS with connected services. Also indicated their cost.
  • Beeline. To get a list of connected services in SMS, type * 110 * 09 # and call.
  • Tele 2. To check the connected paid services, you need to send the * 153 # command to check the paid subscriptions, the Other command * 189 # and the call button.

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High mobile service provision technologies enable communication operators to connect different subscriptions. Often, cellular users are wondering where money disappears from the account. If you use the connection not more than usual, but you have not enough money and the balance is quickly approaching zero, then it is worth thinking, and whether paid subscriptions are connected to your number. Fortunately, check the paid subscriptions that can be available from the subscriber from any operator, not an exception to MegaFon.

How to find out connected services on megaphone

Subscriptions on the room

MegaFon company for the convenience of its customers offers several ways to find out which connections are available to the number:

  • through a personal account;
  • through a mobile application;
  • via USSD command;
  • through support service.

Consider each of the presented options.

Cabinet subscriber

Cabinet subscriber

View all additional paid connections can be in the Personal Account of the Subscriber. To go to it, you need to see the subscriptions:

  • enter the company's official website;
  • Press the "Personal Account" tab;
  • Instead of login, enter your phone number;
  • There will be an SMS tolerance with a password for the entrance, you must enter it into the appropriate field;
  • Find and click the "Services and Options" tab;
  • A page will open, where all subscriptions are visible to the left of which the subscription fee is specified.

Mobile app

mobile app

Another way to see the connected options is to download the application on your mobile device. By installing it on the phone, you can go to your personal account and manage and check your subscriptions. To do this, click on the "Services and Options" tab.

USSD team

Check which services are connected using USSD request.

  1. Dial * 105 * 11 # or * 505 #.
  2. Click Call.
  3. Wait for the SMS messages where all options connected to the phone will be indicated next to the name of the subscription will be code for shutdown.

Support service

Tech support

You can call a consultant to the company at any time and find out what paid options are available from the subscriber.
  1. Dial a short number 0500. In this case, the call must be made exclusively from that number about which wake is interested.
  2. Wait for the operator's response.
  3. Consultant may require your passport data, so keep the document at hand.
  4. After you can tell the essence of the problem, the operator will provide you with information about connected services.

Options for disconnection of paid services

If you find that you have paid options that you do not need absolutely, you need to disable them as soon as possible to save your money. Disconnection can be made by the same ways:

  • using the USSD command;
  • through a personal account or application for a mobile phone;
  • Through a specialist of the company MegaFon.

In the Personal Account, disable unnecessary connections is very simple:

  • Go to the Cabinet of the Subscriber;
  • Click on the Options and Services tab;
  • Select the connection from which you want to refuse;
  • Click the "Disable" button;
  • Update the page, check if there is a failure.

Through the USSD command, disable them is also simple:

  • After receiving an SMS notification with the name of additional connections, select the code of the service that you want to disable;
  • Send it by message by typing the following combination * 105 * 11 # or * 505 #;
  • You will come to the phone about the execution of the query.

Services in the room

Through the consultant, disable subscriptions at any time by calling the contact number. After answering a consultant, tell him about my intentions. Give him your passport data to identify the personality. Wait for the operator to disable the services. Check out shutdowns in your personal account or mobile application.

Through the mobile application, shutdown is made similar to the actions as in the Personal Account of the Subscriber. You need to choose a service and click the failure button.

Ban on the connection of paid subscriptions

To make money again not to disappear and various paid services appeared on your room, you can use the prohibition service. You are very simple to connect it, it's a pity, but many do not even know about her:

  • Dial the combination * 526 #;
  • Click Call;
  • Wait for the message "Stop content is activated."

This service is connected absolutely free and has no subscriber payments.

Attention! This useful feature that makes it possible to abandon additional services of the cellular operator has its drawbacks. The subscriber will not be able to send messages (SMS) to short numbers. For example, it is impossible to pay parking, participate in shares and draws or use some mobile banks. Therefore, before connecting the prohibition option, think about everything well. Maybe just more often interested in connections?!

MegaFon support service

For all questions, contact the Technical Support Service by the MegaFon Subscriber to contact a specialist. Use contact telephones 8/800 / 550-05-55 or 0500.

Also for communication you can use the online chat with the operator in the Personal Account.

Watch your balance and connections!

Any smartphone owner is most likely also a subscriber of any mobile operator. The latter are known for the fact that various paid services are often connected to their users. Subscribers after that do not know why money is written off their balance. Today we will tell you how to check which services are connected on the smartphone to make it easier to control the status of your account.

Most mobile operators have a procedure for checking connected services, so we consider the most famous telecommunications companies in Russia.


If you use MTS cellular operator services, you are available to several ways to check which services are connected to your number. You can also find out which of them paid. Full list of ways looks like this:

  1. The easiest way is to type a short number * 152 * 2 #. After that, the operator will answer you an SMS message in which all paid services will be listed.
  2. The second method is practically the same. Only to dial you need * 152 # to be in the menu of the connected services.
  3. As with most serious companies, MTS has its own website, everyone can get access to. But the operator's subscriber can still log in to his personal account, which contains many important information. In particular, it is there that you can see a list of paid and free connected services.
  4. You can also simply call the call center at 0890. There you can talk to a living person and learn from him a list of all services that are currently tied to your phone number.


All the same methods that are relevant to MTS are suitable and beeline subscribers. They differ in and large, only numbers that will have to enter the client of the telecommunications company. For example, to get the full list of the positions of interest to you, you need to dial the * 110 * 09 # command. And in technical support you can contact the number 0622. Another interesting way to find out which services are currently connected to your number, as well as learn a lot of other useful information, this is a voice menu, to access that you need to dial the number 0611.

Personal account is available not only for MTS users. Such an operator as Beeline also has its own website, so the subscribers can learn about the information you are interested in.


And in this case, we again see similar ways. For customers, megaphone is the urgent USSD command * 505 #, typing the subscriber will receive a message with a list of active services. The same effect can be obtained if you send an SMS to number 5051. To communicate with the megaphone call, the short number 0500 is provided, but here you need to be ready for a very long time waiting, because the company rarely have free operators in touch.

And, of course, MegaFon has its own website with a personal account for users.

Tele 2

But for telephone subscribers2, the list of available ways is more compromised. There are only two of them:

  1. Use a personal account on the site.
  2. Send a USSD request by number * 153 # and wait for a response message.

As you can see, no matter how the operator you do not use, you can always find out the list of connected services. Thus, it will be much easier for you to control the state of your account and avoid unnecessary spending.


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How to learn connected services on biline?

Almost any person has a mobile phone. And almost every user seeks to reduce the cost of communication carefully selecting the optimal and, if possible, an inexpensive tariff plan. But cellular operators are sometimes for promotional purposes, and sometimes go to frank tricks and independently connect additional services, which the subscriber may not even suspect. In order not to overpay for the services you do not use or that you simply do not need, it is important to follow not only behind the tariff and balance of your phone, but also for connected services.

Be find out the connected Beeline services quite simple - the first sign that you have connected additional paid options are the write-off of funds from the balance, while you did not use the phone (of course, provided that there is no subscription fee on your tariff). It will also not be superfluous to check the fare and active services if your mobile communication costs have increased without objective reasons.

How to check the connected services on biline?

To deal with write-offs and get a complete list of connected services in several ways, each of them has its advantages and cons:

  • The easiest way to check which services are connected on biline - Send inquiry to Service Management Center . To do this, you should dial the number 067409. or * 110 * 09 # And click the button call . Reply to the request - a complete list of services will be delivered as an SMS message. To connect and disconnect additional services and options. Call the short number 0674. .
  • Use the mobile menu Beeline . Dial on your phone * 111 # and press call - A mobile menu will be displayed on the phone screen, you can manage the corresponding items. Select "My Beeline", then the "My Data" item, then "My Services". After processing the request, you will receive an SMS message with a full list of connected services.
  • Go to the "Personal Cabinet of the Subscriber" On website. In your account, you can check the paid services on biline, they are active or not, so turn off or connect them.
  • Call the Beeline Consultant by number 0611. And ask to say which paid services are connected to your room. Immediately you can ask you to disable you not needed.
  • Install My Beeline Mobile Application - With its help, in addition to the service management, you can control the balance of the balance, the balance of traffic, order the detail and much more. The application is available for download on the official website of the cellular operator, in the Google Play and the App Store.
  • The most radical way of checking services is Trip to office Beeline . There you can find out all the information on your number - the tariff plan, connected services and active subscriptions. In addition, if necessary, the Beeline Manager can help choose the new most favorable tariff or additional options, as well as install or configure the applications you need. Be prepared to present your passport in the office.

As you can see learn the connected services on Beeline, it is quite simple, the main thing is to know the necessary rooms, codes and methods that will help you get the necessary information about your tariff plan and additional options, especially since they are absolutely free.