Causes and treatment of white fever

White fever in a child: what does this mean? This phenomenon is that the patient has sharply (up to 39 ° C) the temperature rises, at the same time the skin of this person, including a child, acquire pale (that is, white) shade. Although in general, the temperature rise is a positive phenomenon, since it is thus the body struggles with an infection, a white fever in a child - a symptom having a negative meaning. Along with deliverance from harmful viruses and bacteria, this condition can harm the patient's health.

How to remove a page in classmates 4 ways

Most users create a profile immediately in all popular social. networks, then try each of them and choose the one that more liked. Then the accounts in others are not needed, they can be deleted. Consider detailed instructions, how to remove a profile in classmates on different devices.

Draw Mickey Mouse stages

The only animalger who has a star on the Hollywood Alley of Glory, the most expensive animation character according to Forbes magazine and just Million's favorites - Of course, this is Mickey Mouse! Are you delighted with a slight mouse? Then it is more like to look like it!

Emulsion - what it is: definition, examples, classification, application

There are two definitions of the emulsion: scientific and domestic. Speaking with simple words, the emulsion is a liquid mixture of components that are interconnected, but not mixed completely due to the heterogeneity of their properties. The scientific language is a dispersed system, which includes several phases (the smallest particles), which are not able to interact at the chemical level. As a dispersion medium of classical emulsions, water or oil acts, and a liquid dispersed phase may be substances formed by molecules with a weakly pronounced polarity (fats, carbohydrates). Examples of natural biological emulsions can serve as raw oil, foam, milk. It is not by chance that the word itself happened from the verb ē-Mulgeo, which translated from Latin sounds like milking (Emulgendum Est Exiguum Lactis - Emulgertum is a small particle of milk), and one of the first substances studied from the point of view The ratios of liquid substances, it was milk - a typical emulsion, where the smallest fat droplets are evenly distributed in the water.

Not collapsed game in Windows 10

Often users switches between windows in the operating system, which is happening even during the game. However, situations occur when the game is simply not folded. There are several reasons why it can happen. Next, we will talk about all of them to help each user cope with this problem. All further actions will be demonstrated in the latest version of Windows 10.

How to reset android to factory settings: Samsung, Honor, Xiaomi

The mobile operating system Android is a convenient tool for performing everyday tasks using a smartphone. But even the most powerful and productive gadget eventually begins to issue unpleasant surprises: it works more slowly, freezes when you open applications or suddenly spontaneously turns off. One of the cardinal and correct ways to solve the problem is to reset the settings and return android to the factory parameters. And if you came here to learn how to reset android to factory settings, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with all the ways described in our article.

Chocolate glaze from cocoa for cake and soup

To decorate many desserts, a chocolate fondant is used, especially often it can be seen on the cakes. Properly cooked glaze freezes a smooth glossy surface, it does not break and does not crumble, and her taste is gentle and easy. The taste of sweets plays an important role, because a large number of decorations for cakes are not the most pleasant taste (for example, mastic, waffle flowers), which cannot be said about chocolate glaze. Therefore, confectioners and prefer this method of decoration.

How to teach a child to understand the time by the hour

The concept of time accompanies the child from birth. When complying with the Internal Clock mode, they are prompted by a crumb when it's time to get up, dinner or take water treatments. Closer to 4 years in the younger chad, an interest in determining time on the dial appears. But teach a child to understand the time using the mechanical clock, it is not easy. Time learning will require strength and clarification. How to tell a preschooler about the minute and clockwise, how to teach to determine the time by the clock - all this you will learn in our article.

Draw Mickey Mouse stages

The only animalger who has a star on the Hollywood Alley of Glory, the most expensive animation character according to Forbes magazine and just Million's favorites - Of course, this is Mickey Mouse! Are you delighted with a slight mouse? Then it is more like to look like it!

Cake "Snickers", recipes at home

Hello, dear subscribers and guests of my blog. Today we will learn to prepare dessert, which is a real pleasure for sweet tooths. This is a cake Snikhers, called the chocolate bar of the same name. It may seem that it is difficult to cook it, but if you follow my step-by-step descriptions with the attached photos, then you will definitely work out.

What to cook from beef?

In this selection, our authors share proven receptacles of delicious beef dishes. We will show and tell how to bake beef in the oven, fry or put out in a pan / cauldron, prepare delicious salads and beef snacks.

How to use?

Candles are important attributes of the religious life of Orthodox Christians. At the same time, there are several species in the church, both in shape and in its destination. The most honors of them are Jerusalem candles endowed with a certain value and symbolism.

Eliminate blockage in the toilet in different ways

Vomor in the toilet is able to significantly spoil the life of a person regardless of where he lives - in a private house or apartment. A similar unpleasant situation may arise as a result of non-compliance with the rules of operation, random fall into the drain of solid objects, incorrectly carried out the installation of the system, etc.

Caries teeth: symptoms, stages, methods of treatment

Since for children is more characteristic of the sharp form of the caries of the teeth, it is necessary to pay special attention to the care of the oral cavity from the moment of the teething of the first tooth. Properly compiled diet, hygiene and systematic inspections from the doctor will help to avoid many problems.

Adler - Travel Guide, what to see and stay at

Adler - Resort on the Black Sea. One of the hottest and at the same time snowy, the southernmost in Russia, also one of the most diverse. Snow white peaks of rocks, the flowering of subtropical nature, the rustling of waves and walks in the mountains - entertainment year-round, and whenever you come to Adler, you will do something.

Postcard for dad for birthday how to make

Named Pope ... On this day, especially I want to demonstrate your love for him and please the unusual gift. But what can be a real surprise for the head of the family and produce a furor? Yes, everything you have done personally. Despite its external severity, the fathers in the shower are incredibly sentimental, so such a decision, how to make a postcard for dad or anything else than the original, can make an adult male even calm a meager tear.

How to output sound from a computer to a TV via HDMI?

In this article, I will show how to switch the sound from the speakers of a laptop, or a stationary computer to a TV when connecting to an HDMI cable. From my own experience I can say that usually the sound is displayed on the TV immediately after connecting to the HDMI cable from the computer, or the laptop. But it happens not always. Sometimes, after connecting the TV to a PC, the sound continues to play through the speakers, or the dynamics embedded in the laptop. This applies not only to TVs, but also to monitors with built-in speakers. In this case, you need to check the sound settings in Windows and, if necessary, change them. What we now will go.

Carnival Suit Fixika Nolik

Hello everyone! Long time I did not lay out anything here. And not at all because there is nothing, but because there is no time :-) I want to share one of the extreme works - a carnival suit Fixika Nolika. We decided with the child that we want to be only to them and anyone more. No sooner said than done! Began to miss back in October. The costume turned out to be extremely laborious.

How to paint your hair home - tips and rules

Есть множество причин, почему может потребоваться самостоятельно покрасить волосы в домашних условиях или в поездке. Это не самая простая задача, с которой даже опытные девушки не всегда удачно справляются. Поэтому новичку стоит знать несколько основных нюансов о выборе краски, этапах и методах окрашивания, способах последующего ухода. Особенно это актуально, если вы впервые собираетесь тонировать или красить пряди. Такие эксперименты могут закончиться плохо и вам обязательно пригодятся советы, приведенные в нашей статье.

It actually flies!

Sincerely welcome all readers and subscribers Useful Canal! Today I decided to share with you instructions for the manufacture of a steep helicopter from the sheet of paper. My Malchischi Love to play with such helicopters even more than purchased toys. I am confident to your children (and grandchildren) this simple helicopter will also deliver a lot of funny moments;)